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Introducing the Colibri M22 Electric Moped/Motorcycle

Enjoy Foldable, Efficient, and Fast Travel

The world is shifting towards more environment-friendly modes of transportation, and electric vehicles are leading this change. Electric mopeds/motorcycles, in particular, are an excellent option for people who want to travel efficiently without compromising on speed, style, and convenience. This post will delve into the specifics of the Colibri M22, an electric two-wheeler making waves in the market. From its lighter-weight body to its modular batteries, we’ll explore what makes this moped an attractive option for electric vehicle enthusiasts, technophobes, innovators, cyclists, and commuters.

First and foremost, who makes the Colibri M22? The same people brought us the Hummingbird folding bike I mentioned in a previous write-up.

Keeping with the folding theme, the Colibri M22 can be minimized when the battery or batteries are removed.

Given its smaller footprint when folded and mobile on two wheels, the vehicle can be maneuvered into smaller areas for extreme portability. The company is even proud the M22 passes the elevator test.

One of the most appealing aspects of the Colibri M22 is its modular batteries. The moped comes with one battery with a range of 40 miles. The Colibri can add two more, which can be charged separately, allowing you only to replace the batteries that need charging. This means that you can charge the batteries in increments without having to wait for all of them to charge at once. One single battery can be charged within 2 to 3 hours. The batteries are also portable and easy to remove, adding flexibility and convenience.

The Colibri M22 weighs a mere 55 kilograms (121 lbs) with one battery, making it one of the lightest mopeds/motorcycles on the market. The Colibri is closer to 174 lbs (79kg) when equipped with all three possible batteries. However, it is its performance features that make it stand out. With a full charge on the three possible batteries, users can travel up to 200 kilometers (124 miles) without recharging them. The average commute is often less than 50 kilometers (31 miles), so you can travel for days without a recharge.

The electric vehicle has three possible performance modes: Eco, Dynamic, and Off-Road. When ridden in Eco and Dynamic modes, the Colibri can reach a maximum speed of 20mph and 28mph, respectively, making it an incredibly efficient mode of transport. When the Colibri M22 is in its Off-Road mode you ride at a whopping 100 kph speed (62mph). This feature makes the moped perfect for those who enjoy adventure and exploring new environments.

Other features of the Colibri M22 include a digital dash display showing vehicle speed, battery power, performance mode, and trip meter.

Not to be forgotten are the LED headlights, taillights, indicator lights, and rear-view side mirrors. All of these combine to make it a modern and sleek vehicle. The moped is also easy to operate, even for those who are not tech-savvy, offering convenience and satisfaction with every use.

Conclusion: Electric mopeds are the future of efficient and eco-friendly travel. The Colibri M22 is a perfect example of how technology is making this mode of transport more accessible, convenient, and affordable for all. Speaking of affordable, the first 100 backers can get this economical ride for $2,799. Colibri plans on eventually selling the M22 in the $3,599 range. From its impressive range and speed to its modular batteries and off-road capabilities, the Colibri M22 is an excellent option for anyone looking to embrace electric vehicles. So why not join the movement and invest in the Colibri M22 electric moped?



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