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Zero Introduces the DSR/X Electric Motorcycle

The Future is Innovation, Speed, and Performance

For many motorcycle enthusiasts, the roar of a gas-powered engine is part of the riding experience. But what if there was a motorcycle that was just as powerful but much more efficient? Zero Motorcycles, located in Scotts Valley, California, thinks they have the answer with its latest release, the DSR/X. This all-electric motorcycle has innovations that are changing the game for biking enthusiasts everywhere, and I'm here to tell you all about it.

How It Works

The DSR/X is powered by a state-of-the-art electric motor allowing seamless acceleration and up to 112 mph speeds. Unlike traditional gas-powered bikes, the acceleration is smoother due to the electric motors' nature. The onboard charger allows fast and easy charging so that you can hit the road again quickly. You can get to 95% within 1 hour using the rapid charger. It's never been more convenient to get back on the road.

Efficient and Affordable

One central selling point for the DSR/X is its efficiency. You can ride up to 180 miles (City) on a single charge, and recharging the battery costs about 75 cents. To be fair, this would push the limit, and you would most likely average closer to 130 miles of city/highway combined. For those with long commutes or who enjoy long-distance touring, being able to travel such a distance for just a few dollars is incredible. It's not just about the cost savings, though. The bike's eco-friendly nature is also another huge benefit.

Innovative Features

The DSR/X has various features that make it stand out from other bikes on the market. Its radially mounted Bosch Advanced MSC with Combined Braking (eCBS), fully adjustable Showa suspension, and dual-sport Pirelli tires enable better handling and safety on the road and off-road tracks.

There's also now a Cypher III+ smartphone app for the bike that lets you customize your ride, monitor battery levels, and track maintenance schedules. Technology has advanced to new heights with the DSR/X.

The Future of Riding

The DSR/X is not the first electric motorcycle, but it is the first to have a range of 600 miles on only $15 worth of fuel. Zero Motorcycles continues to innovate and push the boundaries of what is possible in the motorcycle industry, leading the way for a future where riding is both efficient and enjoyable. As electric vehicles become increasingly popular, it's exciting to see companies like Zero Motorcycles pave the way for the future of eco-conscious transportation.


The DSR/X has a starting price tag of roughly $25,000. You can expect that figure to rise once you see all the available options and accessories. It would be hard to pass up the 6KW rapid charger and the storage cases. Combined, these options will bring you north of $30,000 quickly!


The DSR/X is an impressive machine that is sure to turn heads. Innovation, eco-friendliness, and efficiency are all factors that make it a game-changer in the motorcycle industry. With its seamless acceleration, smooth handling, and low operating costs, it's no wonder the DSR/X is getting high praise from riders and industry experts alike. The future of riding is headed in an exciting direction, and Zero Motorcycles is leading the way.

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