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REE Automotive's Latest Concept is a Flexible Electric Bus

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Introducing The REE XBW

Have you ever wanted a vehicle that can easily maneuver tight spaces, make sharp turns, and easily parallel park? Look no further than the REE XBW by Ree Automotive. This electric bus concept is equipped with unique independent-wheel-drive technology that allows each of its four wheels to move independently through drive-by-wire, brake-by-wire, and steer-by-wire technology. And the best part? You can place the steering wheel virtually anywhere you want! Read on to learn more about how this revolutionary vehicle works.

What Makes the REE XBW Special? The REE XBW’s independent wheel drive system sets it apart from other electric vehicles. This system uses individual motors, brakes, and gearboxes for each wheel, which means that each wheel can move independently.

This gives the bus immense control and makes it easy to navigate narrow areas, make sharp turns, and instantly parallel park without effort. The steer-by-wire technology allows the steering wheel to be placed practically anywhere within the vehicle. Hence, you have complete flexibility in where you would like your controls placed.

How Does It Work? The REE XBW features an advanced powertrain system called a ‘brick,’ which contains all the components needed for each wheel’s motor, brake, and gearbox. These bricks are arranged in pairs — two bricks per axle — so that each wheel has its motor, brake system, and gearbox connected by a standard shaft in between them. This arrangement allows maximum control over each wheel independently while still having enough torque to drive up hills or haul heavy loads. Additionally, this setup reduces maintenance costs since there are fewer parts overall compared to other traditional EV designs.

Conclusion: The REE XBW is truly revolutionary when it comes to electric vehicles. Its independent wheel drive system gives it unprecedented control and flexibility when navigating tight spaces or making sharp turns — all with minimal effort! Its steer-by-wire technology allows you to place your steering wheel wherever needed without sacrificing performance or reliability. If you’re looking for an EV that offers amazing maneuverability and unparalleled control, look no further than the REE XBW!


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