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Recon and GMC Bring us the Hummer EV eBike!

A Bike Option to Make Light Work of Extreme Riding Situations!

I always get a kick out of a car manufacturer jumping into the electric bike market. I am even more excited to see the GMC Hummer EV eBike! This new electric bike has been designed to go anywhere, like its parent, with features that make it perfect for mountain and dirt biking. Developed in collaboration between eBike manufacturer Recon Power Bikes and General Motors, the Recon Power Bike is an electric bike that incorporates the best features of both a mountain bike and a dirt bike.

The Recon Power Bike is the perfect electric bike for anyone who loves to explore the outdoors. With its powerful motor and large battery, the Recon Power Bike can travel up to 40 miles on a single charge, making it ideal for long rides on trails or roads. (Note: 40 miles is the maximum range depending on rider weight, terrain, and how aggressive you are with the pedal assist)

What makes the Recon Power Bike so unique? The Recon Power Bike has many features that make it stand out from other electric bikes on the market. First and foremost, its twin motors are significantly more powerful than most other electric bikes, so that it can handle more challenging terrain. The Bafang motors included are both front and rear hub motors coming in at 750W for a 1500W (2400W Peak) power rating.

Additionally, the battery is larger than most other electric bikes, which supplies it the power it needs for AWD (All Wheel Drive). The standard 48V battery comes in at 17.5ah and can upgrade to a 21ah battery option for an improved range. You can charge the battery back to full within 4-hours through the fast charge mode. Finally, its design includes front suspension, which makes for a smoother ride on rough terrain.

The 4.0" tires are all-terrain and puncture resistant, ensuring you can conquer the loose sand, rocky, or snowy terrain you traverse in your extreme travels. Don’t worry; the Hummer EV eBike has four-piston hydraulic disc brakes that empower you to stop before launching into dangerous situations.

You can engage three selectable drive modes during your travels, starting with the Cruise, Traction, and Adrenaline modes. Cruise mode ensures you have power diverted to the rear motor. If you are looking for maximum range and minimum power consumption, Cruise will be your mode of choice. Traction will have the power switched to the front motor, and not unlike cars with FWD, this will give you the best experience on loose gravel and snow. Adrenaline mode with evenly distribute power to the front and rear hubs enabling the AWD (All Wheel Drive). You will use the most power in this mode but also be able to take on the most extreme rides. I believe “Adrenaline” sums this one up perfectly!

How does the Recon Power Bike compare to other electric bikes? In terms of power, the Recon Power Bike’s motor is significantly more powerful than most other electric bikes. Additionally, its battery is larger than most other electric bikes.

The Recon Power Bike is competitively priced at $3,999 with other high-end AWD electric bikes on the market. It’s still a bit steep, with the larger battery option (21ah) hitting $4,175, but not unexpected given how much one can spend on the available electric bikes in the marketplace. I wrote about this particular one coming in at nearly $19,000:

At this point, $3,999 looks like quite a deal. I must inform you the Hummer EV eBike falls out of the lightweight electric vehicle category as it comes in at a very hefty 95 lbs. This will become noticeable when loading and unloading the bike from a rack or truck bed.

Final Thoughts: I would have liked to see suspension carried over to the bike's rear, but the fat tires should help smooth the ride. It looks like a suspension seat post may be able to be added at a future date should you feel so inclined. It will also be interesting to see what the maximum speed this bike will be able to achieve is. The specifications mention a 28mph speed, but I suspect you can change this within the bike's settings. (Not to say 28mph isn’t fast enough)

The Hummer EV eBike is currently available for pre-order for a possible early December delivery. Of course, this depends on how many units are earmarked for production. Given my experience with e-bikes, I wouldn’t be surprised to see estimated deliveries pushed out to 2023. It’s not hard to imagine a bike with Hummer badging will create quite a bit of demand in this fast-growing market!


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