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How Fast is Too Fast? The Kaabo Wolf King GT Pro Hyperscooter

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

I Introduce you to the Kaabo Wolf King GT Pro Hyperscooter

A standing e-scooter in yellow called the Kaabo Wolf King GT PRO.
Kaabo Wolf King GT PRO (media by JC)

I mentioned having some time in a previous article, so I converted my Trek mountain bike over to electric. This bike has actual speed topping out at over 40 mph when all was said and done.

At the time, I thought 40 was pretty fast and most certainly too fast for a bike like this. I couldn’t even imagine an E-Scooter achieving a speed this fast. Boy, was I wrong!

We live in a moment where electric vehicles of all types are the rage, especially with the cost of gasoline at extremely high levels. Electric bikes are all the rage, but what about electric scooters? This is one segment I somewhat ignored until someone introduced me to this beast known as the Kaabo Wolf King GT Pro hyperscooter.

A yellow Kaabo Wolf GT PRO standing near a tree.
Kaabo Wolf GT Pr0 (media by JC)

Keep in mind this is a simple motorized scooter demonstrating how far we have come in such a short time. Check out these features, starting with a maximum speed of 101 km/h or 63 mph.

A Wolf GT Scooter hauling down a highway at 61 mph.
High Speed (media by JC)


  • Maximum Range of 74 mi

  • This scooter will hit 50 mph in 4.8 seconds

  • It will carry a riding weight of 330 lbs

  • The unit weighs 115 lbs, most likely due to the dual 2000W motors and 72V 35AH battery. Surprise, if you are buying this not just for speed but also for portability. This unit is heavy!

  • It has a 4.2" TFT Display

  • Both hydraulic brakes and hydraulic shocks

  • Thumb Throttle for speed

  • Dual 11" Tubeless Tires

  • LED Headlights, Brake Lights, Turn Signal Lights

A view of the 11" wheels on the Wolf GT scooter.
11" Wheels (media by JC)

How much does an e-scooter with this list of features sell for? Expect to shell out close to $3,600 to maximize your speed and comfort. The hydraulic suspension is very forgiving, allowing you to ride longer without shocking your entire body. The wheels are swappable for both street commuting, and off-road capabilities should you feel inclined to tackle some rough paths.

A pan-out view of the Wolf GT scooter traversing and off-road path.
Off Road (media by JC)

The Wolf’s specifications read like a motorcycle, packaged in a scooter to convey you through one thrilling, if not dangerous, ride. Speaking of motorcycles, if surrounding traffic has difficulty seeing a motorcycle, imagine a 60mph scooter ripping down the street. Let’s face it, do we really need a scooter to achieve speeds this fast? For every person who resoundingly says no, you will find ten screaming yes. How else do you explain our affinity for all things Xtreme?

To say you need to wear the proper headgear is an understatement. Most people are attempting to achieve the GT’s maximum speed wear a full-on motorcycle helmet, gloves, and other protective clothing. As everyone knows, “Accidents Happen,” and you will most likely find them quicker with a speed demon like the Wolf GT Pro!

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