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I am a Glutton for Punishment: Another Crowdsourced E-Bike the Engwe X26

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Is the Engwe X26 Worth the Risk?

I have to admit I am very tempted by one of the most recent E-Bike campaigns on Indiegogo. The bike of the moment is the ENGWE X26, and the features read like a laundry list of must-haves.

This brings me to the question, haven’t I learned my lesson yet? My last gamble was on the Rocket Bike, and I wrote about it here:

By the way, my Rocket campaign is still in limbo, with the last update being a possible delivery pushed out to December this year. I won’t hold my breath!

So what makes the ENGWE X26 so unique? First and foremost I would have to say the price is highly appealing. With what they offer for the cost of $1599 (early backers), it would seem to be a tremendous amount of value. Even more appealing is receiving delivery of the X26 in the next few months. So now for the laundry list of must-haves.

Let’s start with a dual battery system offering up to 62 miles of range. The secondary battery can be swapped out with a spare should you feel the need.

The ENGWE comes with an impressive 1000w motor which will make short work of any 30% incline. With a powerful motor, you can expect to hit speeds over 31mph should you wish to ride all out.

Technically there are four modes of suspension within this e-bike. First, it is equipped with 26" x 4" fat tires, which will ensure a comfy ride.

This is all reinforced with three suspension add-ons.

Off-roading shouldn’t be an issue for the bike or your posterior, as this bike is built for the rough ride. It is also important to point out this is a foldable bike making for more portability than most bikes this size.

I am happy that the bike has hydraulic disc brakes and an 8-speed Shimano gear system. Stopping at faster speeds shouldn’t be an issue; having eight gears is always a plus. The addition of a color LCD screen is also a nice touch.

The bike is outfitted with what looks to be a pretty comfortable main leather seat, along with a cushioned passenger seat. Not to worry, the cycle is rated to hold a payload of 330 lbs.

In my opinion, it is a pretty decent-looking e-bike. The price of $1599 is undoubtedly appealing, and the number of features offered is desirable. One thing that makes me hesitant is the weight that clocks in at 90 lbs. I was looking to reduce the weight of my foldable e-bike instead of adding to it. I like the ENGWE’s ability to fold in half, but these bikes become cumbersome the heavier they are. It was for this reason I sought out the lightest folding e-bikes in the market:

Weight aside, you can’t argue with all the ENGWE X26 has to offer. If it were an option, I would most likely cancel my Rocket Bike contribution and switch to the ENGWE. If for no other reason, ENGWE is a tried and trustworthy company with bikes already on the market. If I have learned anything, stick to the companies with a good track record!


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