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PIX Moving Brings Us the Innovative ROBOBUS!

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Modular Configurable Mobile Spaces for the Masses!

Autonomous driving has long been on every carmaker's mind for the last ten years, and although they have come a long way there are still quite a few things that need to be worked out. Pix Moving believes the dawn of autonomous driving is closer than we think and they have the ROBOBUS prototype to prove it. This autonomous vehicle imagines a pod where just about anything is possible and mobile.

In the words of Pix Moving:

PIX Moving is providing city dwellers with diversified shared mobility experience, making Moving Space a new lifestyle.

They have developed a system powered by their PIX Ultra-skateboard Chassis Platform. In short, Pix Moving designs and builds 3-Wheel and 4-Wheel chassis like this:

These platforms can be configured for different purposes and are flexible and scaleable. Pix envisions configurable pods or spaces added to these open-source chassis with various uses served. How about a mobile beverage service?

Are you interested in getting a little shut-eye on your trip in a mobile hotel room?

Maybe you want to finish office work or continue gaming on your road trip.

Pix Moving believes the possibilities are endless, with options like karaoke bars, unattended vending services, taxis, and even a mobile gym. With such a small footprint, these vehicles are very nimble making them easy to maneuver (even diagonally).

What autonomous vehicle would be complete without some advertising? I can imagine a fleet of these as taxis, or small buses with all kinds of promotional videos plastered upon the outside like this:

A vehicle this size can be configured to hold up to six passengers, but there is no mention of the size of the passengers. I imagine the ride can become quite crowded with added luggage.

Not to be forgotten is safety and the ROBOBUS promises redundant safety systems to ensure passengers make it to their destination in one piece. The ROBOBUS has an announced maximum speed of 18mph. I suppose this is one of their safety features given it won’t be setting any speed records!

The ROBOBUS is an electric vehicle with a 21.5kWh battery. This will give it a maximum range of 60 miles. The vehicle will be able to fast charge within 1.5 hours and slow charge within 5. Vehicles like this will lend themselves well to the proposed charging streets.

Final Thoughts:

I have a few comments on a ride like this. If a passenger wants to get somewhere quickly, this is not their ride. How long before the maximum speed is raised and these will function more like regular vehicles? When I first read about a mobile gym, I immediately thought of motion sickness, but how bad can it be at 18 mph? I can see how these would be worthwhile on campuses, airports, small towns, and the like. Mobile vending services would benefit from these pods.

It’s an exciting time in the world of electric vehicles. I feel like something new is being introduced daily! I welcome vehicles like the ROBOBUS, so it will be interesting to see if these vehicles come to fruition. Stay tuned!


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