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The WasteShark is a Drone that Automates Water Pollution Clean-Up!

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

Drone Technology Takes Center Stage with the WasteShark Pollution Eliminator!

If you have read my work, you will quickly conclude that I am a massive proponent of drone technology. Never has this been more cemented than right now, having seen what the engineers at RanMarine Technology have begun introducing in the form of the Wasteshark. The Wasteshark drone was designed to take a “bite” out of water pollution. This includes transparent plastics, bio-waste, and unwanted debris one would find in a body of water.

I, for one, would have loved this drone at our previous residence. I had an acre retention pond behind our house that would develop algae and other plant life we would often rake out by hand. The WasteShark would have been the ultimate tool for pond clean-up.

This particular drone can run up to 8 hours on a charge making long clean-ups possible. The collection basket will hold roughly 43 gallons of waste. Expect it to accumulate up to 1100 lbs of garbage in a given day with the ability to remove the debris manually or automatically through optional Sharkpods. Of course, these Sharkpods are available at an additional cost.

A typical charge will allow the WasteShark to travel 3 miles. Since the propulsion system is electric, the unit is quiet and emits no greenhouse emissions.

The WasteShark was made to be transportable but at 158 lbs (Empty), expect this to be a two-person job to get it into the water.

The unit can be programmed to follow specific routes for automation purposes, not unlike a robotic vacuum cleaner (like a Roomba). It can also be controlled manually should the operator want to be more involved. The WasteShark can be equipped with Lidar for added obstacle avoidance.

Not to be outdone, the WasteShark can be a data-driven piece of technology with the ability to collect the following:

- Real-time water quality data access (Temp, pH, Conductivity, DO, Depth, Turbidity)

The WasteShark was designed with a particular ocean creature in mind, the whale shark. Seeing it in action, you can see the similarities.

The WasteShark in motion as it is gobbling up water debris left behind by litterbugs.
The WasteShark (media by JC)

Now for the bad news! Starting price is north of $24,000, or the price of a small car, for this marvelous piece of technology. It’s a small price to pay to keep our waterways clean!


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