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My iPhone 13 Has a Fatal Flaw!

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

I Have One Regret About Buying My iPhone 13!

A front facing view of the iPhone 13 Pro Max in landscape view.
iPhone 13 Pro Max (media by JC)

It’s not what you think, as I am more than happy with the iPhone 13 for several reasons. Plain and simple, my main issue with the iPhone 13 Pro Max is that it is not the iPhone 14. As I had written in a previous article, I intended to jump from the iPhone 12 to the iPhone 14 when it was released. Unfortunately, life had other plans for me:

If not for my unfortunate events, I might not have been introduced to Cinematic Mode when filming videos. I never used a video camera so much, just focusing on this particular filming style and the ability to play around with the focus in real-time. Yes, I realize it is an effect, but it brings life to a particular captured video. The more I use it and revisit the video after capturing it, the more I can do with it post-production. This recently came in handy when filming a field of tulips. The focus could be directed to both foreground and background flowers.

A screen shot of the post-editing of cinematic mode within the iPhone 13.
Post Editing (Media by JC)

Even though Cinematic Mode can only be filmed in 1080P, I am still thrilled with this mode and its editing ability.

Another feature I believe the iPhone 13 has improved upon is the close-up shots in macro mode. I use this feature almost daily with some of my job functions. I constantly take up-close photos of item serial numbers/model numbers to send as requested by customers or vendors. This seems to improve, as it has done in this case, with every iPhone iteration.

A demonstration of the up-close macro mode within the iPhone 13.
Headphone Serial Number (media by JC)

Also of note is the low light level filming. The iPhone 13 can capture decent film and photos at low light levels.

The battery has shown remarkable improvement, and it is pleasing, to say the least, knowing I don’t constantly have to be close to a charger or spare battery. Generally, I have enough power to last over 24 hours with somewhat heavy usage. There is nothing like curing battery anxiety than having a battery last this long.

If there is anything to take away from this article, the iPhone 13 is a worthy successor to the iPhone 12. It isn’t leaps and bounds better, but it is a solid improvement in more ways than none. The real question is, how much better will the iPhone 14 be?

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