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My Top Gadgets To Get Me Through a Typical Day!

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

My Top Gadgets To Make My Day Easier!

These Items Get Me Through My Day

These are my most used gadgets which include the iPhone 13 Pro Max, the Apple Watch, Apple Airpod Pros, Wireless Carplay, a minimalist wallet, and a Magsafe battery.
Typical Daily Gadgets (media by JC)

As someone who loves technology and all things gadgets, I took stock today and looked at the gadgets/items I use the minute I wake up, get prepared for work and commute to my 9 to 5 job.

I couldn’t possibly write an entire article about a minimalist wallet, but I can give some credit for having one. This little beauty helped me pare down the amount of junk I packed in previous wallets. I rarely have cash, so I use the clip portion for quick access to my most-used credit card/gym membership and driver’s license. The built-in RFID blocking has prevented any incidental charges on the other credit cards I experienced once before. I currently belong to a technology subscription, so my offering is from a company called Rise. There is no shortage of offerings on e-commerce sites like Amazon. Here is one such high-ranking similar offering from Hayvenhurst.

I don’t leave the house without having my Apple Watch. As I mentioned earlier, I rarely have cash, and I rely more and more on Apple Pay. More specifically, I use my watch at those terminals which accept it. My local Meijer grocery store has this in their self-service checkout lines. The process is simple, with two depresses on the bottom button, and payment is made. This is just one feature I use the watch for. If anything, I underuse this compelling device as I wrote about here:

I have come to rely more and more on my Apple Watch, but it is fair to say there are still countless things the smartphone can do better. For this reason, I rarely leave my home without having my iPhone on me. I currently have the iPhone 13 Pro Max, and there are a few key features I use daily.

The obvious thing is as a phone, but technically, my watch has that covered. The not-so-obvious thing is Apple Carplay. Until Apple unlocks this ability with the watch, I have to rely on my iPhone for this capability. From the moment I enter my car and get to my destination, I am using all of the features of Apple Carplay as provided by my iPhone to my vehicle's head unit. To do this with as little hookup as possible, I bought this device to eliminate having to remove my phone from my pocket. Check out this previous article “(Apple Carplay) Finally Cord-Free” for a detailed write-up.

Once I am at my destination, I am using the phone’s scanning capabilities for documents, camera capabilities for taking pictures, occasionally the flashlight, Siri dictation for responding to messages/emails, or just plain reading articles on Medium and Flipboard.

To keep my iPhone running throughout the day, I purchased this tiny 5000 mAh Anker battery to provide a top-off. This battery supports the iPhone Magsafe capability and is small and inconspicuous. Some days, heavy phone usage makes this battery add-on all the more critical.

Rounding out my most used items is a set of Airpod Pros. Instead of walking around with the giant iPhone 13 pressed against my face, these little guys provide me with ease of use while shutting out the outside world with their noise-canceling features.

A view of the Airpod Pros placed upon a cherry colored desk.
Airpod Pros (media by JC)

These items are the ones I use daily, and they have a lot of mileage. As is my usual procedure, I am always looking for the next thing to make my life easier. I can’t wait to see what the next year brings to make my life even easier!

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