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I Bought a Projector the Size of a Can of Soda!

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

I’m Not Exaggerating!

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I made a purchase as far back as 2018, and I am amazed at how much I have used it over the last few years. Made by Anker products, it is a projector that is the size of a standard can of soda. Anker calls this the Nebula Capsule, and they continue to sell it to this day successfully.

I can’t tell you just how convenient it is to have a self-contained device that can be taken just about anywhere. (you will get asked about this if it is in your carry-on at the airport as it does contain a battery). The most convenient feature of this little device is its size. This is the size of a soda can (pictured)

I wonder if they purposely modeled this against an aluminum can backdrop.

Expect to charge this unit using the supplied micro USB charging cable. It will emit sound omnidirectionally (360 degrees) from the built-in JBL speakers. I find it to be a little tinny, so don’t expect to marvel at the bass from the speaker. The speaker will get loud, but you will be disappointed if you are an audiophile. If you come into the experience not expecting the world, you will be pleased. There is only so much magic they can squeeze into this soda can of a projector.

I like the inclusion of an HDMI port on the back of the unit. It makes for an optimal connection when using this for business presentations from laptops or other external devices.

Also included is a handy little remote equipped with a mouse feature. I rarely use the mouse feature as it is slow to respond, but this remote serves its purpose.

Looking upon the Nebula Capsule remote as it is sitting on a table.
Nebula Capsule Remote (media by JC)

The Capsule runs off the Android operating system (7.1), and the remote will come in handy when traversing the menu.

A typical menu screen using Android 7.1
Nebula Capsule Menu (media by JC)

Make note most applications are available for streaming, and there are workarounds. I ended up buying a Chromecast to cast to the unit from my phone.

Overall, the Nebula Capsule is a useful product that has served me well. Considering the price (Less than $280), the portability, and the ease of use, I consider this a useful and rewarding piece of technology.

Important Takeaways:

The unit is pretty bright but will work best in dimly lit areas. If using this projector to show a business presentation, turn off the lights.

Expect the larger the image, up to 100-inch projection, the lower the resolution. Expect a resolution of 854x480. I tend to keep the image on the lower side to maintain image quality.

The four-hour 5200 mAh battery will diminish over time. I have found that having a spare battery (I have many) will do in a pinch to extend the unit's life. When used strictly as an external speaker, the unit will work more than 10 hours.

Overhead look at external battery used with the Anker Nebula Capsule to extend battery life.
Added External Battery (media by JC)

It is wise to get a hard case to ensure your projector isn’t damaged in its travel. I highly recommend keeping the remote, cables, and, more importantly, the unit safe when traveling.

Also recommended is a small tripod of sorts. While this small unit is nice to have, finding the right height to emit the proper size screen is challenging without the aid of a tripod.

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