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"My Ami": This Toylike Ride Was Brought to You by Citroen

This Electric Vehicle is Taking the World By Storm!

In a world where tiny homes, minimalistic goods, and downsizing have become the norm comes a small vehicle like no other. Whatever you do, please do not call it a toy, and it certainly is not fast enough to call a car with a top speed of 28mph. I believe the proper name for My Ami is a quadricycle.

This quadricycle is geared towards those consumers and biking enthusiasts still looking for maneuverability when zipping in and out of tight spots or hard-to-find parking. Even more important, this means of transportation still provides the shelter of a typical automobile with heating.

Not to be forgotten, My Ami emits zero emissions while driving, thanks to its 100% electric powertrain. The battery leaves a little to be desired at 5.5kWh, but it can be fully charged in as short as three hours. You can expect to get up to 46 miles of range. As mentioned earlier, the Ami will reach a top speed of 28mph with its 6kW electric motor.

The My Ami Tonic premium trim level comes to us in a khaki and lemon yellow color scheme, various decals, added black trim levels, and roof bars.

How about a spacious interior with room for two passengers and plenty of storage space? Spacious might be overselling it, given the two passengers will take up most of the interior room.

I love the fact this vehicle looks the same coming as it does going.

A lot of the design is based on keeping the price of this lovely machine as inexpensive as possible.

This is also the case with the doors. The passenger door will open like a normal door, whereas the driver's door will open like a suicide door. Again, it kept the cost down!

Driving can’t be any simpler, with Drive (D), Park (P), and Reverse (R) being the only gears involved. Also included is the DAT@AMI connectivity box that will allow you to connect your AMI to your smartphone.

You can expect to pay around $9000 for this basic ride and take delivery within 14 weeks. Only then can you tear up the streets in your new My Ami.


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