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MINIMAX — The Electric Quadricycle Vehicle Designed for the Masses

Introducing the MINIMAX- An Italian-Made Electric Quadricycle

In the world of electric vehicles, plenty of options are available for those who want to join the green revolution. But if you're looking for something compact, efficient, and stylish, consider the Italian-made MINIMAX quadricycle.

First, The quadricycle category of vehicles continues to grow as it offers a viable solution to the heavy congestion experienced in places like Europe or India. The MINIMAX is another ultra-compact electric quadricycle looking to take the market by storm thanks to its excellent performance, fantastic comfort, and, more importantly, its size. In this blog post, we'll explore why the MINIMAX is another perfect choice for environmentally conscious drivers who value efficiency, style, and compactness.

The MINIMAX comes in two versions: the MINIMAX 45, which is a light quadricycle that can be driven with an AM license and is suitable for 14-year-olds in Italy, and the MINIMAX 80, a heavy quadricycle with a B1 driving license that 16-year-olds or 18-year-olds can drive with a B driving license. Both versions are incredibly compact yet pack a punch with their exceptional performance. The MINIMAX 45 can reach a top speed of 28mph (45 km/h), with the MINIMAX 80 reaching 50mph (80km/h). In either vehicle, you'll appreciate the convenience of a quick ride in everyday commuting, making this a time-saving option for city dwellers.

Both versions are equipped with Lithium LFP batteries and long ranges to boot. On a full charge using the larger 16kWh battery, you can achieve a distance of up to 216km or 134 miles. On the smaller battery, you can expect half of that range. Many features come standard with the MINIMAX, including a heating system, keyless ignition, and a Bluetooth sound system with a 7" Dash Display.

Additional add-ons include air conditioning, a heated windshield, and a higher-powered battery charger for fast charging (0–80% in 1 hour).

As mentioned before, MINIMAX's compact dimensions are part of its appeal, as it can be parked like a scooter, even in city garages where space is typically at a premium. But despite its small size, the MINIMAX delivers big in terms of performance and comfort. The power comes from a high-performance electric motor, providing the acceleration you'd expect from a much larger car. Inside, the cabin is roomy and has all the features you need for an enjoyable ride. Whether commuting to work or running errands around town, the MINIMAX is a vehicle you can rely on.

Safety is a top priority for Tazzari, the company behind the MINIMAX. The frame of the passenger compartment is crafted from high-strength steel to provide a safe and secure ride. The car also comes with an automotive standard braking system with energy recovery. As an optional extra, you can add ABS for added protection on the road. So, you won't sacrifice safety for its compact size.

The MINIMAX's electric powertrain ensures minimal environmental impact, ideal for those who want to lessen their carbon footprint. It's quiet, creating a much more pleasant driving experience than gas-powered vehicles. By choosing a MINIMAX, you invest in a cleaner future without compromising performance or style.

The MINIMAX starts at roughly 15,000 USD (14,000 Euros), but you should expect to pay more for the optional extras like the larger battery. I imagine it is closer to $20,000 with delivery, tax, and title, and possibly air conditioning if you are inclined.

Conclusion: The MINIMAX is a fantastic 2-seater electric vehicle that continues to redefine the compact car or quadricycle segment. It's ideal for those who prioritize efficiency, smaller size, style, and environmentally friendly transportation. The vehicle is perfect for everyday commuters who need a quick and convenient ride without sacrificing safety or comfort, and parking should not be an issue.


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