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A Solar-Electric Luxury Yacht

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

Introducing the Senses 62 by SOEL YACHTS

If money was no object, what would be your first purchase? If it were up to SOEL YACHTS, it would be the SOEL Senses 62 solar electric yacht. Designed for you and eight guests, along with three crew members, this 62 ft beauty was designed to traverse the oceans.

I wrote about another means of travel which was both solar and electric for land.

SOEL YACHTS, a play on Solar-Electric, has brought both solar and electric to the world of boating. In their own words

Equipped with 46 solar panels spread out amongst the roof, it will generate 17.6kWp or 50 kWh based on solar alone. Couple this with an innovative cooling system and the solar panels will generate 15 to 20% more energy.

The SOEL SENSES 62 boasts no carbon emissions and minimal noise pollution when taking this craft from Paint A to Point B. All generated power is directed to the onboard batteries.

The solar aspect powers the onboard batteries, which then powers the navigation system, the fully equipped kitchen (including water/ice maker), the air conditioner, and any water toys you brought. Should you run short on power from the sun, the SOEL Senses 62 is also equipped with a DC generator to charge the depleted batteries. AC single and 3-phase shore power charging is also available.

A range of battery packs is available, starting with a 282 kWh and maxing out with a 564 kWh option. At the cruising speed of 8 knots (9.2mph), you can travel 32 nautical miles with the smaller battery pack. The larger battery pack at cruising speed will allow you to travel up to 64 nautical miles. Keep in mind this distance is on battery power alone with the intent the sun or generator will keep the batteries charged throughout the journey. The onboard generator can be operated with diesel fuel should the need arise. The goal is to rely on charged batteries throughout.

This craft is unique as it comes equipped with two electrical propulsion systems. The cruising propulsion system peaks at 8 to 10 knots, whereas the power propulsion system maxes out at 14 (16mph). When everything is working in harmony, SOEL YACHTS boasts this yacht has a range of 263 nautical miles giving it trans-ocean capabilities.

The amenities include a sleeping area for nine guests and three crew members. There is enough space for an owner's cabin, two master bedrooms, and a triple bedroom, each with its bathroom, in the hulls. The separate captain’s and staff cabin with own outdoor access should you require the privacy. The boat has multiple lounges, two dining areas, and one gallery bar.

Here is the general set-up of one of the bedrooms.

And Another

You can expect to pay 2.9 million dollars for this modern marvel. That being said, if you have enough money to purchase one of these, you most certainly have the right to customize this yacht. The layout can be changed, and alternate fabrics can be chosen, but you have a general idea!


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