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Create Your Own Waves With An Electric Surfboard!

Updated: May 5, 2023

This Electric Surfboard or "Luxury Watertoy" Comes With a Steep Price Tag!

I wrote about a Surfboard/Hydrofoil luxury water toy a few weeks ago.

This particular water experience by the manufacturer Jetsurf brings you directly to the wave instead of “rising above it all.” This electric transport experience better brings you in direct proximation with the water at a price tag of nearly $16,000.

MSR Engines, a Czech Republic-based company, is also the parent company of Jetsurf, the leading manufacturer of the Jetsurf Electric Surfboard. Jetsurf, founded in 2013, can be directly attributed to the founder Martin Sula. Who is Martin Sula? As detailed by Jetsurf:

So what makes this surfboard so unique compared to the eFoil by Lift? For one, it is the closest to actual surfing as you can get. The maneuverability and carving action in the wave itself is beyond compare save for actually surfing without any assistance. The e-foil, though pretty handy in its own right, can’t carve the waves with the same effortlessness. Also important to note, the eFoil is rather large and cumbersome with a significant foil mechanism. If you are looking for a more portable device, the Jetsurf can be packed up without considerable disassembly.

This electric surfboard will achieve runtimes ranging from 25 to 55 minutes, depending on how heavy-handed you are with this booster.

Expect a top speed of 34mph/55km/hr out on the open water. Given that Jetsurf also specializes in several gas-powered surfboards, the electric version is a welcome addition to the line based on how quiet it is. You can also expect zero emissions from Jetsurf Electric.

The hull, racing pump, and impeller are all made of carbon fiber, ensuring high strength and stiffness in all situations without adding to the overall weight. With the battery, the Jetsurf Electric comes in at about 73 lbs, which is not overwhelmingly heavy. Remove the battery, and you have something a little more manageable to transport or ship by way of an airplane to your preferred destination. Something tells me, If you are spending $16,000 on a luxury water toy, the weight is the least of your concerns. The chances are high that you will invest in owning both the eFoil by Lift and the Jetsurf Electric!


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