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Mack Truck's MD Electric is Earmarked for Medium Duty Delivery Routes

An Innovative Solution for Reducing Carbon Impact on Municipalities

Mack Trucks, the renowned truck manufacturing company, is making waves in the trucking industry as it launches its first-ever electric vehicle (EV) in the medium-duty segment — the Mack MD Electric. Production is expected to commence at the Roanoke Valley Operations in Roanoke Valley, Virginia, in the 4x2 configuration. As the push for renewable energy solutions gains momentum globally, this innovation is a step in the right direction toward sustainable trucking operations. With MD Electric, Mack Trucks is offering fleet operators a truck with a zero-emission powertrain designed to meet the needs of various applications.

Features of the Mack MD Electric: The Mack MD Electric features AC electric powertrains that offer smooth acceleration, a peak of 260hp out of a single motor, and impressive performance from its optional 150kWh or 240kWh batteries giving the truck a range of up to 140 miles or 230 miles.

The cab is considered quiet as it uses premium insulation to reduce vibration and sound.

The MD Electric also has features that ease maintenance, such as regenerative braking and rear axle ratios that help reduce energy consumption.

Benefits to Fleet Operators: The Mack MD Electric comes with a host of benefits to fleet operators, from enhanced energy efficiency and lower operating costs to contribute to a cleaner environment. With MD Electric, fleet operators can cut back on their trucks' carbon footprint, significantly contributing to reducing environmental pollution.

In cities where vehicle emissions are a leading cause of pollution, the Mack MD Electric could be a game-changer. Given that numerous municipalities in Western Europe have already banned diesel-powered trucks from city centers, we have seen US states exploring options to do the same. The MACK MD would be the solution. Fleet operators can also benefit from reduced fuel and maintenance costs due to the EV's fewer moving parts.

Addressing Concerns of Electric Vehicle Adoption: One of the concerns that fleet operators face when adopting EVs is whether the vehicle can perform as well as a traditional combustion engine truck. With the Mack MD Electric, that concern is alleviated as this truck has been designed to deliver full torque (1850 lb-ft) at practically zero RPMs, providing the same level of performance as internal combustion engines. Fleet operators can also benefit from the truck's compatibility with standard charging infrastructure, enabling fast charging with a DC fast charger while supporting AC charging.

The Future of the Electric Trucking Industry: The launch of the Mack MD Electric is just the tip of the iceberg in the evolution of the electric trucking industry. As companies explore sustainable solutions to reduce carbon impact, EVs will likely become increasingly relevant in the medium-to-heavy-duty trucking segments. In particular, as battery technology continues to evolve, we expect to see even more significant innovation in the truck manufacturing industry, leading to improved range, performance, and charging speed.


The Mack MD Electric is a high-powered electric truck designed to meet the needs of commercial and municipal fleets. The truck sets a new standard in the medium-duty truck segment with its zero-emission powertrain, providing considerable economic and environmental benefits. As the push to achieve sustainable transportation solutions increases, Mack MD Electric offers a glimpse at the trucking industry's future. With this truck, companies can reduce their carbon footprint while enjoying the benefits of EV performance and cost savings. Mack Trucks continues to innovate and challenge the limits of what's possible in the trucking industry, and we can only expect more significant innovations in the years to come.


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