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Introducing The Latest All-Electric Waste Collection Truck From Republic Services

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

Innovation Leading to Zero Emissions

Republic Services, one of the largest waste disposal companies and environmental services leaders, recently unveiled their newest fully integrated electric recycling and waste collection trucks. Working with Oshkosh Corporation, is groundbreaking for Republic Services and the entire industry! Let’s take a look at what this new truck promises to offer.

The Benefits of Electric Trucks Republic Services’ electric waste collection trucks have many advantages, making them an attractive choice for any fleet. For starters, these trucks are quieter than traditional diesel-powered trucks, which will be a welcome change for residents and drivers, who have to hear the loud noise of garbage trucks early in the morning. And since no exhaust fumes exist, they are much better for the environment. Additionally, electric trucks require less maintenance than traditional diesel-powered trucks and have a longer lifespan.

In terms of performance, electric trucks also have several benefits over their diesel counterparts. For example, they have more torque than diesel-powered vehicles, allowing them to accelerate faster and haul heavier loads up steep grades.

Electric fleet vehicles are cost-efficient when compared to traditional gas or diesel-powered vehicles. Since electricity is cheaper than gasoline or diesel fuel in most areas of the country, operating costs are lower. Electric vehicles don’t require as much maintenance as traditional vehicles due to fewer moving parts in their engines and transmissions, so maintenance costs are also lower.

Cities such as Boise, Idaho, have successfully used electric New Republic trucks for over a year.

These Republic Service trucks weigh roughly 21 tons and can service up to 120 commercial containers daily. They can do all this while accumulating 7 tons of waste which can be dumped at a nearby waste/recycling facility at the day’s end.

The latest Oshkosh trucks have incorporated innovations to ensure the driver is comfortable and safe throughout the daily operation. Starting with a large pass-through cabin, the driver is comfortable no matter their height.

Oshkosh has incorporated many safety systems, including the enhanced viewing windshield and a 360 Degree camera system to ensure the driver can see all obstacles around the vehicle. Also included are cross-traffic and lane departure alerts, object detection, and auto braking. Making the whole process even more accessible for the driver is a streamlined dash system with a 15” display.

Most importantly, the vehicle can run an all-day route on a single battery charge with the included battery management system.

Conclusion: With its many advantages over traditional gas-powered vehicles, such as lower noise levels and emissions levels, improved performance, and reduced maintenance costs, it’s easy to see why Republic Services’ newest line of electric waste collection trucks has created so much buzz in the industry. This is just what you need for those cities looking to reduce their environmental impact while saving money on fuel and maintenance costs! The possibilities of Republic Service’s electric waste collection truck could be endless!


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