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Introducing the Vanacea Electric Camper to Van Life Experience

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

Enhancing Van Life with the Vanacea Electric Camper Van Platform by Maxwell Vehicles

For adventure seekers and van life enthusiasts, nothing beats having a reliable and comfortable camping van. While many companies in the market offer such vehicles, only some have specialized in improving an already existing platform. Maxwell Vehicles, a California-based company, has done just that with their Vanacea Camper Van Platform based on a Ram ProMaster van platform. With unparalleled range, payload, charging, and power, the Vanacea provides an unbeatable driving experience. In this blog post, we’ll explore the features of the Vanacea and how it’s teamed up with Nook Vans to offer custom-built, all-electric camper vans.

Options To Buy: Maxwell offers three options with the electrical Vanacea Platform. Option 1: The consumer can purchase the Vanacea chassis and build and design their own camping package. Option 2: The consumer can bring their ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) van for total conversion. Option 3: The consumer can buy the complete package, which we will discuss below.

Best-in-class range, payload, charging, and power: Maxwell Vehicles has designed the Vanacea Electric Camper as an all-electric platform for Van Life with an impressive range of up to 250 miles per charge with the extended range battery and added solar roof panels. With the optional 1400 W solar panel, you can obtain roughly 20 miles of additional range.

Notice there is no external A/C unit, as the climate control system is integrated within the vehicle and can be powered by the Vanacea’s battery pack or the optional 7,800-watt AC inverter with 100 amps of 12V DC house power. In Maxwell’s own words:

With a water heater, you can ensure a great shower every time.

Additionally, the van has a whopping payload capacity of over 3,800 lbs and can charge up to 80% in just 30 minutes with a 200W DC fast charger. The van’s powerful motor and regenerative braking also ensure it has the torque and energy needed for long trips.

Ideal for custom builds: By partnering with Nook Vans, Maxwell can provide custom-build services for those interested in an all-electric van that maximizes space and comfort. Nook Vans’ builds are explicitly tailored to the Vanacea platform and don’t require a dedicated house battery or generator. This gives their customers complete freedom to design and build their dream van without sacrificing living space or amenities. Whether looking for a bed, kitchen, shower or all of the above, Nook Vans can make it happen.

Complete build process: The process of building an electric camper van can be a daunting task, especially for those who need construction experience. But with Nook Vans partnering with Maxwell, the complete build process is streamlined and easy to navigate. From consultation to delivery, Nook Vans will guide you through every step, ensuring your custom-built camper van is your ideal adventure companion.

High-quality materials: One of the most critical features of a camper van is the quality and durability of its materials. With Nook Vans as your builder, your van will be made with the highest quality sustainable materials. Every aspect of the build will be of the highest quality, from the insulated walls, floors, and ceiling to the beautiful custom cabinetry. This ensures not only long-lasting durability but also a sleek, modern look.

Affordable pricing: While custom building a van can be costly, Nook Vans offers competitive pricing for their custom builds on the Vanacea platform. They aim to provide affordability and accessibility to anyone interested in the electric van experience. According to Maxwell, the Vanacea platform starts at around $70,000, a reasonable price for the ProMaster chassis and electric powertrain. Depending on the customization, you can expect to pay closer to $190,000 for the Nook treatment.

Conclusion: The Vanacea Camper Van Platform by Maxwell Vehicles is a perfect match for outdoor enthusiasts who want an all-electric van that can handle long-distance treks and provide fantastic comfort at the same time. By partnering with Nook Vans to offer custom builds, Maxwell has made it easier for those interested in the electric camper van experience to get into a vehicle that suits their needs. The Vanacea’s features and build quality will provide van life travelers with an all-around unforgettable experience.


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