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The ARB Earth Teardrop Camper Was Made for Off-Road Adventure and Interior Living

This Teardrop Trailer's Interior is a True "Earth" Camper

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, you know that the right gear makes all the difference. Regarding off-road adventure, the ARB brand is always top of mind. They’ve earned a reputation for creating innovative and reliable products that can take you anywhere. And now, they’ve added a new product to their lineup: the ARB Earth Camper. This teardrop camper is designed to take you off the grid, even when the terrain is rough. Let’s take a closer look at its overall design and interior.

To say the ARB Earth Camper is constructed like a tank would be an understatement. It is apparent right from the start that this teardrop camper's interior and exterior is built to last. It features a heavy-duty one-piece welded steel exoskeleton and a reinforced fiberglass shell that can handle intense off-road conditions. As has become customary with the ARB brand, the Earth Camper was manufactured with the harsh road conditions of the Australian Outback in mind.

The ARB has an industry-leading 900mm trailing arm, which aids in reducing stress on the vertically orientated suspension system. Ultimately, the ARB is now a smoother ride with improved traction. This, combined with the robust construction materials and heavy-duty off-road tires, results in a camper that’s ready for just about anything, including traversing crocodile-infested water (possibly)

But what sets it apart is its unique design. The camper is compact enough to tow behind most vehicles with a hitch, yet it expands to create a roomy living space when needed. Plus, the ARB Earth Camper has impressive features to make your off-road adventures even more enjoyable. It has become commonplace for teardrop trailers to have loads of storage and hidden compartments, with the ARB Earth Camper no different. The argument could be made; it does it better. Take, for instance, the fold-away kitchenette/prep station, which includes a three-burner gas stove and plenty of storage space.

Let’s not forget the dual-zone chest fridge system that pulls out from behind the kitchen.

Come around to the other side of the camper, and you can take advantage of the hot water shower upgrade.

The keyword to the entire trailer storage is “clever,” with no room going without use. This can be seen with the several storage bags throughout the trailer and hidden storage behind the many panels like the front one here.

Keeping with the theme of outdoors and spaciousness is the inclusion of awnings to expand the living situation of the Earth Camper. With the push of a button, the rear entryway will open, putting the trailer into overnight mode. You can quickly step up the platform and into the camper for some shut-eye.

For those more extended vacations, the rear space can be put into Holiday mode while creating an enclosed eating/living space. This includes the side awnings to protect the kitchenette area.

The Ensuite upgrade takes it even further, and you double your outdoor sheltered footprint. Here is a 360 view of the entire set-up.

The ARB Earth Camper is designed to be self-contained. It has 140-liter freshwater divided into (2) 70-liter centrally mounted water tanks underneath the ARB and a 110-amp-hour battery system that powers the refrigerator, LED lights, and other essentials. There is an option to add an additional battery if you want more off-grid power. To aid the entire situation, the camper also comes equipped with a 120WH rooftop solar panel to keep the battery charged during the day. (note: located just behind the solar panel is a base rack for even more outdoor storage)

When you’re off the grid, you still need to stay connected. The ARB Earth Camper has you covered. It features a 12-volt USB port and 240-volt AC power outlets, so you can charge your devices and power your electronics. All the onboard electronics can be controlled from the indoor panel or smartphone application.

Inside, the ARB Earth Camper feels like home. The interior is beautifully designed with high-end finishes, making it comfortable and inviting. And, when it’s time to turn in, the platform queen bed is large enough to accommodate two adults with plenty of storage below, above, and on the side.


It is fair to say ARB has put tremendous thought and person-hours into the design and construction of the ARB Earth Camper. Current pricing for the ARB Earth Camper puts the trailer at around USD 60,000 for the standard package. Most of what was described is considered standard, except for the hot water shower, the Ensuite, and the additional battery. You can add the diesel heater for those colder nights. There is also an air compressor upgrade.

If you’re looking for a reliable and innovative off-road adventure trailer, the ARB Earth Camper is worth considering. It’s built to last, packed with features, and designed to take you to places you never thought were possible. So, if you’re ready to hit the road and explore the great outdoors, check out the ARB Earth Camper today. It’s the ultimate off-road adventure trailer.


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