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Introducing the ePDL +132 Electric Pedal Assist Kayak

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

The Latest Offering From Old Town Watercraft is an Electric Pedal Assist Kayak

Picture this: you’re out on the water, with the sun shining down, surrounded by the beautiful scenery of the lake. You take a deep breath of fresh air and kick your feet up, feeling content. Imagine adding an electric pedal assist system to your kayak and effortlessly gliding through the water to your fishing spot. That sounds like a dream, right? Well, dream no more since Old Town’s new electric pedal assist kayak, the ePDL+ 132, is making its way onto the market. One thing is certain: it will surely be a game-changer for anglers everywhere.

Effortless Paddling

Paddling a kayak can be quite the workout, especially if you have to fight the wind and current. With the new electric pedal assist system from Old Town, you can say goodbye to this struggle. The system allows you to pedal effortlessly and quietly through the water, letting you focus on your fishing and enjoying the scenery around you. This means you can cover more ground and fish longer without getting tired.

Increased Fishing Opportunities

With the ability to cover more ground, the Old Town electric pedal assist kayak opens up a world of new fishing opportunities. You can explore areas of the lake that were previously inaccessible due to distance or strenuous paddling conditions. Plus, the quiet motor won’t spook fish, giving you a better chance at a catch. You can spend more time on the water, exploring new locations and catching more fish.

Convenient Design

The Old Town electric pedal assist kayak was designed with anglers in mind. It features a stable and comfortable design, with ample storage space for all your fishing gear.

Let’s not forget comfortable seating for those long days on the open water.

Even the floors are premium-padded:

Eco-Friendly Option

The electric pedal assist system used in the Old Town kayak is a more eco-friendly option compared to gas-powered motors. Since it runs on a 36V (20-ah) battery, there are no emissions, making it a cleaner alternative that won’t harm the environment. The kayak’s quiet motor won’t disturb wildlife, allowing you to observe and appreciate them up close.

Pedal Assist system removed from the boat to show the full assembly.
Pedal Assist System (media by JC)

You can expect up to 3 hours of runtime at the highest cruise level (5). Are you looking to pedal without much assistance? You can extend your battery runtime up to 46 hours at cruise level (1). Not to worry, the display can be seen in heavy sunlight with polarized sunglasses.

Fun for All Experience Levels

Whether an experienced angler or a beginner, the Old Town electric pedal assist kayak is a fun and valuable addition to your fishing gear. It removes the strain from paddling and lets you focus on the fishing experience. It is also an excellent option for those with physical limitations or anyone who wants to enjoy the water without exerting too much energy.


The new Old Town ePDL+ 132 kayak will undoubtedly be a game-changer for anglers everywhere. The kayak will begin shipping to dealers in early 2024 and can be obtained at a starting price of $5,999. With its effortless pedaling, increased fishing opportunities, convenient design, eco-friendliness, and fun for all experience levels, this kayak is a must-have for any fishing enthusiast. Say goodbye to strenuous paddling and hello to a relaxing and unforgettable fishing experience.

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