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Hacker-Craft and Ingenity Team-Up for a Line of Luxury Electric Wood Boats

Expect to Pay Top Dollar for Luxury Electric Custom-Built Wood Boats

Industries have followed suit as the world embraces a more sustainable and environmentally responsible lifestyle. The boating industry, known for its dependence on fossil fuels, is no exception. Hacker-Craft, a renowned classic luxury boat builder, has partnered with Ingenity Electric to bring a new line of the classic into the world of electric boats. This article will delve deeper into this collaboration and what we can expect from the new Hacker-Craft electric boats.

Hacker-Craft boats have always been known for their classic beauty and timeless appeal. These new luxury electric wood boats they are creating with Ingenity Electric are no different. The first boat in this new line is a Special Sport, ranging in size from 27 to 33 feet in length, and will be the main focus of this article. Remember, these boats are custom-built, and any Aquavant line of boats can be fitted with an electric motor, with pricing available upon request. Make no mistake; these customized boats will cost a small fortune.

What sets these boats apart is that they are powered by an electric motor, giving them a more modern and eco-friendly edge. The electric motor is expected to achieve a 30-knot top speed and 18-knot cruise, with an estimated 1-hour runtime at full speed. You should be able to eke out several hours at slower cruising speeds. 2–3 hour runtime. You may be able to eke out a bit more. It also boasts a 30-nautical mile range powered by 126kWh of battery capacity. The battery can be charged overnight or at a dock fast charger in as short as 1.5 hours (90%). With these features, the Hacker-Craft electric boats offer an unparalleled boating experience without compromising the environment.

The partnership between Hacker-Craft and Ingenity Electric is a result of a shared vision. Both companies are committed to a more sustainable and eco-friendly future. This collaboration represents a landmark in the boating industry. It shows that traditional boat builders can embrace new technology while retaining the same classic design ethos that made them famous.

What makes Ingenity Electric's electric motor unique is its design. The electric motor is a permanent magnet motor and only uses two moving parts in the entire motor. This design eliminates gears, clutches, or transmissions, making it more reliable and sustainable. It also requires less maintenance, which translates to more savings in the long run. The boat engine noise reduction is from the electric motor with silent operation with no emissions, leading to a more relaxing and peaceful boating experience.

The Special Sport will have a complete Telematics System, ensuring you are always connected to the boat. Make a note of the Ingenity Connect application (pictured below). With it, you will always know the status of the systems, battery charge, temperatures, and boat location.

The new Hacker-Craft electric boats bring us into a new era of boating. Electric boats' affordability is another factor that makes them an attractive option. The maintenance costs of electric boats are lower compared to conventional alternatives. With electric motors, boaters can enjoy significant savings on fuel costs and other operating expenses. The boat's environmental impact is also reduced, creating a greener, cleaner boating experience.

Conclusion: The partnership between Hacker-Craft and Ingenity Electric has brought us into a new era of boats without sacrificing the classic design ethos that made Hacker-Craft famous. It represents a new beginning for the boating industry, a more sustainable one. With the new line of Hacker-Craft electric boats, boaters can enjoy a cleaner, quieter, and eco-friendly boating experience without compromising the classic appeal. The affordability, low maintenance costs, and environmental benefits make electric boats a more sustainable long-term solution for boaters. Investing in an electric boat today is an investment in your boating experience and the environment.


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