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Alloy Introduces Autonomy to Boating

Is This the Future of Boating?

Are you looking for the perfect boating experience? Look no further than Alloy Boats, the innovative startup changing the game for boaters everywhere. With their latest release of a power catamaran featuring autonomous software and electric propulsion, cruising on the high seas has never been simpler. Alloy Boats is taking the stress out of boating, making it accessible and enjoyable for every boating enthusiast. Let's look a little further at what this boat has to offer.

Alloy Boats, a Texas-based company, is a newcomer to the boating or yachting industry and has been working in stealth for the last few years. I say yachting because the expected retail price of this boat is expected to exceed $350,000, which is no small price to pay. For the sake of this article, I will refer to this as a boat and a yacht.

Alloy is breaking the mold with its latest release, designed with the busy owner in mind. Its innovative autonomous software takes care of all the complicated navigation, allowing you to sit back and enjoy the ride. The 28-footer is the perfect size for cruising with family or friends, and it can dock itself, navigate around other boats, and head straight to your desired location.

What sets Alloy Boats apart is its dedication to sustainability and reducing the carbon footprint associated with boating or yachting. They are leading the industry in responsible boating practices by incorporating electric propulsion. Not only is electric propulsion much quieter than its gas-powered counterpart, but it is also significantly more efficient, allowing for longer, emission-free journeys. All of this leads to a more enjoyable and environmentally-friendly yachting experience. As of this writing, the Alloy is expected to have dual 300HP electric motors with a battery rated for all-day use.

Alloy Boats has made it easy for those intimidated by the thought of piloting a boat. Their autonomous software makes navigation as simple as clicking a few buttons, and off it goes. Point to a spot on the map, and the boat will navigate to it automatically and stop when it arrives. Don't mind that boat ahead, as the Alloy boat will navigate around it. The sensors are even more impressive, allowing the vessel to see what you sometimes don't even below the water's surface.

While most focus is on this boat's autonomous and electric features, one must be highlighted. When in cruise mode, the boat has its sides up, ensuring it is safe and protecting you from the elements (pictured here)

When you reach your destination, with a touch of a button, you can lower the boat's sides and take in your surroundings:

A pretty nifty feature while also allowing you to rearrange the seating into a picnic-like setting. So exactly when will this beauty become available? The estimate is currently earmarked for the Summer of 2024, and you can sign up for their waitlist here.

Conclusion: Alloy Boats is making yachting accessible to everyone with a dedication to sustainability, innovation, and customer satisfaction. With their latest release of a power catamaran featuring autonomous software and electric propulsion, they are revolutionizing the industry and making it easier to take to the high seas. Whether you are a seasoned boater or a first-timer, Alloy Boats has something for everyone.


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