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Introducing an Actual Electric Water Bike the Hydrafoiler SL3

This Revolutionary Water Electric Bike is for Sustainability Enthusiasts

Amid France’s most prominent tech fair, VivaTech, Manta 5, a New Zealand-based company, had its Hydrafoiler SL3 on display for water sport enthusiasts and nature lovers. The device is a jet ski-like bike, or electric water bike, designed to be non-harmful to the environment and loved by those seeking new outdoor recreation experiences. In this blog post, I’ll give you an in-depth look at the Hydrafoiler SL3 and why it’s a game-changing water e-bike that every sustainability enthusiast and early adopter should know about.

Design and Functionality: The Hydrafoiler SL3 is a sleek and oddly shaped watercraft with an impressive yet modular design. With this design, the SL3 becomes highly portable and can be assembled or reassembled without any tools. It comprises a bike-style frame with a propeller at the bottom that propels the device forward at higher speeds. The watercraft is powered by a rechargeable 2.5 KW electric motor that can last for a sustained period. The Hydrafoiler SL3 can reach up to 12mph (20 kph), making it an exciting device for all water lovers.

Sustainability: The Hydrafoiler SL3 is made with sustainability in mind. Its electric motor is charged using renewable energy sources, and the bike’s batteries are easily replaceable, making it an eco-friendly option. The water e-bike is also built to be non-harmful to the environment by using co-cured carbon fiber to construct the Hydrafoiler’s Hulls. This material is sustainable, recyclable, and strong, making it a perfect component for this innovative watercraft.

User-Friendly: The Hydrafoiler SL3 is user-friendly. It features an intuitive console that is easy to operate, making it perfect for beginners and experienced riders. Previous models took hours to master, with the company stating the latest model can be mastered within 40 minutes. Additionally, the bike’s handlebars feature an ergonomic design that provides a comfortable grip, and its adjustable seat can be tailored to the preferences of its user. The Hydrafoiler SL3 is also designed to give its riders a stable ride, reducing the chances of riders falling off during ride sessions. If you do fall off, it is equipped with tilt sensors to immediately cut power to the propeller.

Range and Performance: The Hydrafoiler SL3 can last up to 4 1/2 hours on a single charge, depending on model, top speed, and the level of assistance of which the vehicle has 10. If you are heavy on the throttle assist, you can expect this number to be limited. Speaking of models, the SL3 is available in three trims starting with the SL3, SL3+, and the SL3Pro (pictured below). If you opt for the Pro version, you will get the larger battery and the extra rear, super-lightweight foil.

The SL3 is designed to be efficient, meaning its electric motor can deliver maximum power consumption for extended periods. Its range and performance make it a worthy investment for those who enjoy water sports adventures. When you opt for the SL3+ or SL3Pro, the battery jumps from a 600Wh battery to a 1000Wh. Total battery charge time comes at 5 hours for the 1000Wh size and 3 hours for the 600Wh. (Fast chargers will be available at a later date)

Availability and Pricing: The Hydrafoiler SL3 is available only for distributor purchase. The device is priced at an initial cost of around $9,990 (SL3). This may seem steep compared to other watercraft, but its unique features and sustainability characteristics make it worth the investment.

Conclusion: The Hydrafoiler SL3 is a revolutionary water e-bike designed to meet the needs of sustainability enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike. With its exceptional design, sustainability, user-friendly features, fantastic range and performance, and a price point given its unique characteristics, it is a device to consider. Manta5’s Hydrafoiler SL3 proves that a gadget can provide an exhilarating outdoor experience while demonstrating the importance of preserving the environment.


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