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Introducing the Wave e-550 Pure Electric Boat

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

Magonis Boats  Brings Affordable Electric Luxury Boats to Market

Electric boats are getting much of the spotlight lately, with many receiving electric and solar treatment. The problem with many of those revolves around pricing and affordability. This isn’t quite the case with Spain-based Magonis Boats and their Wave e-550 lightweight electric boat. Don’t get me wrong; this company isn’t vying for the entry-level electric boat category. Weighing in at only 435 lbs out of the water, this little vessel is easy on the environment, and the entry model is also easier on the wallet.

Magonis Boats was founded in 2020 by engineers and entrepreneurs who share a passion for luxury boating and want to make this activity more sustainable and affordable. With the ever-growing concern of climate change, they decided that electric propulsion was the way to go. And so far, they seem to be onto something, as they’ve managed to grow the business substantially over the last few years.

The Wave e-550 is Magonis Boats’ flagship model, and it’s easy to see why. It measures 18ft (5.5m) in length and 7.2ft (2.2m) in width, which makes it perfect for lakes, rivers, and even coastal waters. Three trim levels are available, starting with the Torqeedo Cruise 6.0 RL, the Torqueedo Cruise 12.0 RL, and the MAG Power 30.0 RL. Each number designation calls out the motor’s power starting with 6.0 KW, 12.0 KW, and 30KW.

The entry-level Torqeedo Cruise 6.0 RL comes in for $36,250 before taxes and delivery making it the most affordable. It maxes out at 6 knots and has a 10kWh battery. Jumping to the Torgueedo Cruise 12.0 RL will almost double your maximum speed to 11 knots powered by a 15kWh battery. This step-up model will set you back $46,300 to start. Each of these models will carry up to 6 passengers.

This brings us to the high-end model MAG Power 30.0 RL. It has a maximum speed of 22 knots and is powered by a large 28.65kWh battery. You can expect a maximum range of up to 55 nautical miles, more than enough for a day out on the water. Remember, this is all based on a cruising speed of 5 knots throughout that day. This boat can accommodate up to 4 people. The starting price for this top trim level is $77,900.

These elegant boats come with premium features such as teak decking throughout.

Or a premium gel coating provides optimal hull protection in all water situations.

One of the best features of the Wave e-550 is its modularity, allowing you to customize the boat to your liking. You can choose from several optional extras like an awning/canopy or the sun lounge feature.

Conclusion: If you’re looking for an electric boat that doesn’t sacrifice features or quality, you should check out Magonis Boats’ Wave e-550. These boats are perfect if you have money burning a hole in your pocket. They are built for anyone who loves spending time on the water without harming the environment.



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