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This Innovative Electric Boat Shows Promise!

The Blue Innovations Group Introduces the R30

Get ready, Tampa Bay, because a revolution in boating is coming! The Blue Innovations Group (BIG), founded by former Tesla global head of manufacturing Chuan “John” Vo, is working out of Pinellas Park on a 30-foot-long boat powered by only electricity. The company showcased the aluminum hull and propulsion system of its first boat, called the R30, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas recently, and it’s expected to hit the waters of Tampa Bay in 2024. Let’s take a closer look at this revolutionary new product.

The R30 boat is expected to run eight hours using a 220-kilowatt battery and a dual motor powertrain with 800 horsepower. The company is looking for the R30 to hit a maximum speed of 45mph on open water while transporting 12 people. It would also have an extendable solar charging platform that allows you to keep your boat running without worrying about having enough charge for your next excursion.

Up to 2.7 kW of solar power is especially helpful for those who may be boating for extended periods or traveling long distances. Those same extendable solar panels will also serve as sunshades during those hours when the sun is blazing overhead.

Note the sizeable dual-screen console (below) with the Tesla-inspired steering wheel.

The R30 electric boat promises to invigorate boating and reduce pollution and noise levels in Tampa Bay by eliminating exhaust fumes from traditional combustion engines and reducing engine noise due to its silent electric motors. This could preserve marine life and provide a much more peaceful experience for boaters out on the water.

With reservations open to the general public, you can secure your place in line for a 2024 delivery. The current pricing estimate puts this boat in the luxury market at $300,000. I, for one, will be interested to see what additional details will be revealed about this boat in the months ahead. The R30 electric boat promises to be a product that will change how people experience boating in Tampa Bay and beyond! It drastically reduces emissions while providing a tranquil ride out on the water.



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