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The X Shore 1: Is This Really An Affordable Electric Boat?

XShore: Bringing Electric Boating to the Masses!

From the makers of the $300,000 Eelex 8000 electric boat comes the less expensive, “more affordable” X Shore 1. Depending on your definition of affordable, the X Shore 1 is about 1/3 the price of the Eelex model, starting at $100,000 and quickly rising with the addition of the available options. Simply put, the 21-foot X Shore 1 is much more affordable than its sister 26-foot model Eelex.

In the grand scheme of things, X Shore has been around since 1996, when they trademarked their name for the first time. The company didn’t start to take form until 20 years later when they began crafting an idea for an electric boat. Their first prototype saw the light of day in 2018, with the Eelex 8000 finally being produced in 2020. All designing and manufacturing are done in Sweden, with their headquarters in Stockholm and manufacturing situated about an hour south in Nyköping. In X Shore’s own words:

With new technology and innovative research, smart design, and sustainable materials, X Shore embraces the long tradition of maritime craftsmanship while discarding the dirty institution of fossil fuels.

X Shore’s goal is to use significantly less material in the manufacturing process as possible. The Scandinavian influence finds its way into the available color scheme with sandy, moss, and coffee.

Right off the bat, there is the choice of two different configurations starting with the open-top version at $99,000:

The other configuration includes a full exterior enclosure starting at $139,000:

You can see the attractive design throughout the entire vessel. X Shore will also bring the coveted cork decking to the X Shore 1 as it is prevalent on the Eelex.

The front cabin, beneath the front deck, has room for a family of four to sleep but also offers ample storage. The company has dedicated space for a possible cooler and a porta potty.

A natural standout feature of the X Shore 1 is the open transom design with an in-built swim platform.

There will be options to make this boat more conducive to water sports.

Additional Features:

Thirty knots (35 mph or 56 km/h) thanks to a 125 kW motor (168 hp).

The X Shore 1 comes with a single smaller 63 kWh battery that helps reduce the cost. It offers a claimed range of 50 nautical miles (58 miles or 97 km) at slower speeds.

A 20–80% recharge can be performed in as little as 1.5 hours with a 22.5 kW charger, though a lower power 7 kW charger would take just over 4 hours. Fast charging in 50 minutes is possible with a 45 kW charger.

The X Shore 1 is equipped with a robust infotainment system and a touchscreen display. The boat can also be monitored through their phone application, which acts like a remote key. Expect future updates to enhance the overall experience.

The X Shore 1 will come in three trim levels: Utility, Performance, and Premium, which will also play into whether you want a day cruiser boat or a boat with overnight capabilities and lighting.

Don’t expect to take delivery of this electric watercraft before the Fall of 2023, as all build slots are quickly filling up. The company is taking $100, fully refundable down payments for a spot in line. On average, the company expects to produce two of these vessels a day.


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