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Am I one of "Those Who Love To Get Creative In The Kitchen?

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

I like to be productive, but I am not the “Creative” Type

A nicely laid out kitchen awaiting to be cooked in
A Typical Kitchen (media by Wix)

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I dabble in the kitchen for those who have kept up with me but would never say I am “creative.” I came across this article from travelwith2ofus and had to jump further into it.

The first item is a device from Banana Loca used to jazz up the taste of a banana. You both core and fill a banana while still in its peel. The filling can be anything from chocolate to PB&J. Call it the pessimist in me, but I feel the banana doesn’t need “All that Jazz.” I can tell you that any amount of creativity I have won’t be splurged on a banana, but kudos go out to the people at Banana Loca to find another way to make bananas more exciting.

The following is one gadget I could not be critical of. I feel like it doesn’t promote creativity as it does push for convenience. This one is from Bialetti, and it is a 5 1/2 quart pot with provided strainer lid. As someone who makes spaghetti several times a month, how could I be critical of this item?

This next one is another item I don’t feel belongs in the “Creative” basket. It’s a simple corn stripper of which the picture should tell the story. Semi-useful? Yes, but certainly not creative.

I would say the only “creative” thing in the article would be the sushi maker. I have seen what the Sushi chefs can do, and bringing this kit home could most certainly stir your creative juices. In all honesty, this won’t be me. I will stick to buying this right from the source.

I won’t even comment on the donut maker in the article! (Looks like I just did!)

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