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My Top Buys of 2021!

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

These are the items we got the most mileage from.

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2021 was the continuance of the never-ending pandemic, and life proceeded to revolve around the home. The following items helped to take out some of the “mundane” while also providing useful homelife functions:

While not super exciting, the Tineco S12 cordless vacuum is something I use daily. The unit is handy and provides suction on par with the highest-end Dyson vacuum at a fraction of the price. I wrote about it here:

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In addition to a vacuum, we needed something to clean our dark, hardwood floors (Love the color, but we hate the upkeep). Bissell’s Crosswave served this function, and it has served us well. Good on both hardwood floors and carpeting, it is a multi-functional solution. I wrote about our discovery here:

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Taking the upkeep to the outside, I made several purchases to make my landscaping chores a little bit easier. I invested in Greenwork’s line of products, and I got plenty of mileage out of them. I wanted battery-powered equipment and settled on the 40V family of offerings.

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2021 saw my family move into a new home. One of our first purchases was the Ecobee Smart Thermostat. The unit performs admirably and is loaded with features. The package I purchased included the extra room sensor to sense which rooms are occupied and which rooms are not. Make sure to alert your utility company of this “Smart Home” purchase as rebates are available.

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Whole-home internet is vital for a typical “Smart Home,” and I was looking to eliminate all of the dead spots in our new abode. I had heard many good things about Netgear’s Orbi line of products. I purchased the RBK753 WIFI6 system, and dead spots were a thing of the past (Full disclosure- I have since bought an additional satellite to extend its range).

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This one goes without saying: Apple really outdid themselves this year with the 2021 16″ Macbook Pro. I have written a few articles on this fine piece of technology and it is my favorite purchase of 2021 overall. I envision many solid years of service ahead.

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KUCCU Stand Mixer (media by JC)

My wife and I bake, and one of the units we use quite a bit is our new mixer. I opted to go with the KUCCU Stand Mixer, 8.5 Qt 660W mixer, and never looked back. It performs admirably, has a load of power, and comes in quite a bit cheaper than the pricy Kitchenaid model. I have not written a full formal review on this item, but it has countless 5-star reviews.

Detroit Style Pizza (media by JC)

Keeping with the kitchen theme, I have gotten proficient in making Detroit Style pizza at home. It would not be possible had my friend not recommended the Chef Pomodoro Detroit Style Pizza Pan. I have made no less than six pan pizzas in this pan, and they get better each time.

Our new home had outdoor patio speakers, and I needed to bring music to the outdoors. I determined the best way to do this was using the Echo Link Amp. The wires were located in the downstairs storage room, and this was the easiest solution. Dinner and drinks on the patio never tasted so good!

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