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I Haven't Cut the Cord! What's Stopping Me?

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

Prices keep rising, and I sit idle!

A large amount of white cable to signify cutting the cord!
A Large Amount of Cable

I am guilty of shelling out the money to keep cable service in my house. I have the complete package offered by Xfinity, which includes Gig-speed Internet, Home Security, and cable. I have been toying with dropping the cable portion for some time, but I have made no such change to this day. Is it the fear of missing out (FOMO) that is keeping me connected to a very costly option?

I have written about having “too many” streaming services.

Why write about this now? Perhaps it was when I turned on my cable to watch the latest Detroit Red Wing game on Fox Sports Detroit. It turns out it was only available on one of the only streaming services I don’t currently pay for ESPN+.

Thinking back, this is most likely how I got in bed with all of my other streaming services. There was a movie, a series, or a documentary only available on Netflix, HBOMAX, Prime, Disney+, or even Apple that I had to watch. I needed to get my Ted Lasso fix or catch up on the latest Mandalorian episodes. Don’t forget The Boys and Jack Ryan on Prime; these were also must-watch shows. Writing this makes me think, “Why do I need Xfinity?”. I should funnel my disposable income into streaming services.

Technically this is what I am already doing. So why am I keeping Xfinity? Is it out of loyalty? Indeed, they will show some Red Wing games on Fox Sports Detroit. If I drop the service I will miss out on a majority of these games unless I add some sort of NHL ticket to my streaming offering. Just another thing I will have to add.

Custom dropping of the puck in a hockey game.
Drop of the puck

I guess I am looking for a catch-all service like cable used to be. Ultimately, I am making a pact with myself to eliminate something over the next month. As of today, it will most likely be the cable service I have held on to for so long unless something changes my mind.

I look forward to any feedback from the readers as to who may have the best package out there. Let’s face it, no one could possibly need everything I currently have. It is time to shed some of this needless expense!

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