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Which to Keep? The Battle of the Streaming Video Services

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

A Continued Struggle with No Victor In Sight

I wrote about a love of my competing streaming music services and the internal battle of deciding which to keep and which to let go. I have another contest going on within my house. The conflict derives from my indecision on what video streaming service I should hang my hat on. To put it simply, we have too many services, but I can’t decide what service or services to nix.

The Comcast/Xfinity Logo accompanied by the NBC Peacock.

Comcast/Xfinity Logo

I was one of those people who did not “cut the cord” but probably should have. I would say 95% of what we watch is being streamed in some way or another. In addition to having the corded Xfinity/Comcast, we have Netflix, Prime Video, Disney Plus, Apple TV, and Hulu. These are the services I know we have. With those services, I believe we are also entitled to the Peacock and HBO Max.

There is no way we need this much service, but I constantly make cases to keep them. We stay corded because of my love for our local sports teams (mostly the Detroit Red Wings).

Netflix seems like a no-brainer as they are the worldwide leader in streaming video. Our household started with them back in the mail-in DVD days. Making the change over to streaming video was a no-brainer. They have a boatload of content, and I see no reason for letting this one go. Amazon Prime is packaged with Prime Video, so this one is easy as it’s an add-on service.

A visual of the major streaming services.

media by Deadline

This brings me to Disney Plus, Apple TV, and Hulu. I believe I pay separately for the first two services, and Hulu is packaged with my AT&T cellular plan. I can make a case for Disney and Apple based on the shows we like. The kids use Disney almost daily. Apple TV has the Morning Show and Ted Lasso, but are these two shows enough? Apple TV has the least amount of content of all of the services. It looks like the struggle will continue!

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