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Grounded's G2 Electric Campervan Has 250 Miles of Range

Embracing the Future of Camping with Grounded's G2 Electric Campervan

Are you ready to hit the road in style with all the amenities of your home? Look no further than the future of camping — the G2 Grounded Electric Campervan. These innovative vehicles finally arrive in the United States, presenting a legitimate option for road travel and camping. Detroit start-up Grounded has been preparing to take on this exciting endeavor, releasing the G1 camper van earlier this year. The G1 was the company’s first endeavor into the world of camper vans and was based on the Ford E-Transit platform. However, the real game-changer, the G2, is finally here! With up to 250 miles of range and a modular living area, these electric vehicles make waves in the outdoor community. Let’s explore why these eco-friendly vans are the way of the future for all adventure enthusiasts.

First and foremost, the G2’s range is nothing to scoff at. Boasting up to 250 miles, a vast improvement from G1’s 108-mile range, this electric camper van offers more than enough range to be a road tripper’s go-to choice. All of this can be attributed to the sizeable 173kWh battery. Gone are the days of petroleum dependence; the G2 utilizes a Zevo 600 electric step van from GM spinoff BrightDrop, which outperforms traditional camper vans powered by gasoline. As a result, electric camper vans are not only more environmentally friendly but more cost-efficient in the long run — a win-win situation for everyone!

Secondly, the modular living space is designed to maximize comfort and enhance experiences while on the road. The company will customize your layout to your needs.

The floor and headspace of the G2 boasts that of a small apartment. It provides freedom of movement in 615 cubic feet of space to travelers of all lifestyles.

With a fully functional kitchen, including a fridge, stove, and sink powered by the 10kWh house battery, you will have everything you need to cook a sumptuous meal even while on the road. Plus, with an included dry flush toilet and outdoor shower, the G2 eliminates the need to depend on public restrooms, maximizing your comfort and hygiene.

The dining area has a fold-down table and seating for four. Beyond that, you will find a queen bed with the necessary lighting.

Thirdly, these electric camper vans are an eco-friendly solution to traditional fossil-fueled RV’s. Given that the G2 offers a range similar to traditional camper vans, this vehicle’s eco-friendliness is a noteworthy attribute that empowers a sustainable future. Innovative and streamlined electric camper vans are changing the camping game, appealing to travelers who value comfort, adventure, and environmental consciousness. By taking away the dependence on fossil fuels, these vans not only allow us to experience nature more intimately but allow us to respect it more thoughtfully.

Fourthly, electric camper vans offer a unique experience that seduces any traveler seeking convenience and adventure. Whether you want to explore winding roads or find an off-the-beaten-path camping spot, the G2 covers you. Innovative vehicle charging technologies like solar offer viable charging solutions that keep you on the move, allowing you to travel without limits and camp in exciting new places while being eco-friendly. This ride can be fitted with up top 640W of rooftop solar panels. It can charge the house battery that powers the lighting and appliances and the vehicle battery that powers the motor. (note: it will take forever to charge the vehicle battery using solar alone.)

We have learned quite a bit about the new Grounded G2 Campervan and what it has to offer. How about the price tag for these recreational vehicles? You can expect a starting price of $195,000 based on what you have installed into the vehicle. It certainly is not a paltry sum, but it is justifiable if you spend much time traveling.

Conclusion: The innovative technology behind electric camper vans is rapidly revolutionizing the road trip and camping experience. Not only do electric camper vans offer freedom, style, and convenience, but they also foster an eco-friendly attitude towards travel, environmentally sound practices, and sustainable lifestyles. Detroit start-up Grounded has created something more than just a camper van; it is a conduit between the future and tradition, a bridge between freedom and responsibility, and a lifestyle in and of itself. With the advent of the G2, electric camper vans are set to become a mainstream form of travel, allowing you to roll with the punches and cherish unforgettable moments with ease. So let’s ditch fossil fuels, embrace eco-friendliness, and hit the road with the G2, driving into the future of camping!


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