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Mink Campers Introduces the Mink-E All-Electric Teardrop Trailer

Mink-E: The All-Electric Teardrop Trailer for Eco-Friendly Adventures

If you love camping and exploring the great outdoors, you’ve likely encountered teardrop trailers. These sleek and compact RVs have a long history, but one brand brings a modern, eco-friendly spin to the classic design. Meet Mink Campers, an Icelandic company that has designed an all-electric teardrop trailer called Mink-E. In this blog post, we’ll explore the unique features of this eco-friendly RV and why it’s the ultimate choice for adventurers who care about sustainability.

Innovative Design The Mink-E is visually stunning, with its bright blue and silver exterior and sleek aerodynamic teardrop shape. The interior is equally impressive and packed with features that make for a comfortable camping experience. The most stunning feature has to be the panoramic roof ceiling.

Don’t worry; the company supplies a curtain to obscure the early morning light after a night of heavy celebration. The Mink-E has a nice circular entryway window, which can also be opened and covered with a mosquito net.

The trailer is built using recyclable materials like ABS plastic and plywood. Inside, you’ll find a plush queen bed and plenty of plugs and charging ports. You will find the mini-kitchen at the rear of the Mink-E with a stove and 36L ice chest. You will also find ample storage, a lighting system, and electrical outlets for possible dining extras there.

I wouldn’t expect a family of four to be able to inhabit the Mink-E, but it can comfortably accommodate two people, making it perfect for couples or solo travelers.

Eco-Friendly Amenities What sets the Mink-E apart from other teardrop trailers is its eco-friendly amenities. Instead of gas, the trailer is powered entirely by electricity, making it emissions-free and incredibly efficient. The Mink-E has a lithium-ion battery, a solar panel, and a charging station. This means you can charge your electronic devices, cook meals with the induction stove, and stay warm (thanks to the electric heating system) without hooking up to an external power source. (More details to be released in the future).

Versatile and Compact One of the most significant advantages of the Mink-E is its compact size. Weighing only 1124 pounds (510kg), this teardrop trailer can reach places larger RVs can’t. It’s perfect for off-grid camping, with its elegant and lightweight design allowing it to navigate rough terrain and narrow roads. Think of it as an extension of your vehicle, as it can be seamlessly hauled behind it. The trailer’s versatile amenities also suit various outdoor activities, from hiking and fishing to surfing and snowboarding.

Experience Iceland (and Beyond) in a Sustainable Way Iceland is known for its breathtaking natural landscapes, from glaciers and waterfalls to geysers and hot springs. The Mink-E was designed as a unique way to explore country landscapes sustainably. You can take a Mink-E trailer and embark on a self-guided tour, stopping at campsites and attractions. With no need for gas, you can enjoy a guilt-free journey that reduces your environmental footprint.

The Future of RVing As more people embrace eco-friendly lifestyles, it’s clear that RVing will need to adapt. The Mink-E is a prime example of how RVs can innovate and incorporate sustainable design without compromising functionality or comfort. We expect to see more electric and sustainable RVs, and Mink Campers is leading the charge with the Mink-E.


The Mink-E is an all-electric teardrop trailer that combines classic design with modern sustainability and has an MSRP of roughly USD 31,000. Whether you’re a camper, an electric vehicle lover, or an outdoorsman, this RV has something to offer. From its innovative design and eco-friendly amenities to its compact size and versatile capabilities, the Mink-E is the perfect choice for anyone looking to explore the world in a sustainable, guilt-free, and exciting. So why not add this electric teardrop trailer to your list of must-haves for your next adventure?


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