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Toyota Proace Electric Revolution Camper Van: Van Lifers Rejoice

CamperVan Co Introduces the Toyota Proace Electric Revolution Camper Van

Are you looking for a cutting-edge, eco-friendly, and, most importantly, compact vehicle for your next camping trip? If the answer is yes, then say hello to the Toyota Proace Electric! The Scottish firm Campervan Co used the Toyota Proace as a base for its latest electric camper van, the Eco Revolution. It boasts a front-wheel motor of 100 kW and either a 50 or 70 kWh battery, with the latter providing 175 horsepower and a range of over 200 miles.

The idea of a compact, eco-friendly, and versatile camper van may have become a reality. In this blog, we will explore all the features of the Toyota Proace Eco Revolution camper van and answer all your burning questions regarding this innovative vehicle.

The Toyota Proace: A game-changer for Camping enthusiasts

The Revolution is a spacious and modern vehicle featuring a clear advantage for campers in its design. Its electric motor and battery are located under the floor, providing more interior space and ultimately making it ideal for converting it into a mini-camper. Compared to the gasoline-powered version, the Revolution has a payload of one metric ton, making it an excellent choice for loading all your camping gear without worrying about overloading.

Cargo Space: Your dream mini-camper

The Eco Revolution might be the ideal vehicle that your camping trip requires. With a payload of one metric ton and 5.3 cubic meters of load volume, this vehicle was easily converted into a 4-seater camper van to explore your nearest landscapes. With the extendable (pop-up) roof, this vehicle will sleep up to four adults.

Most notable is the modular design, allowing for adding or removing the kitchen or furniture. The camper van can always return to a 7-seater multi-purpose vehicle.

What camper would be complete without some of the typical amenities like a 43-liter

fridge/freezer combination:

The inclusion of a portable toilet is a nice touch:

The kitchen has substantial counter space, hot running water, and an induction cooktop.

Additional Features:

Remote-controlled space heating

Touch lighting

USB connections throughout

Built-In Microwave

Bluetooth Control Station

Eco-friendly and Efficient

The Toyota Proace Eco Revolution is an eco-friendly option, allowing you to leave a smaller carbon footprint while enjoying your favorite outdoor activity. The vehicle also has a solar panel for up to 930W of power. Toyota’s commitment to EV technology makes this model a pretty efficient choice. As the market shifts towards eco-friendliness and sustainability, the Proace electric is an excellent step forward.

The Proace is Toyota’s latest model, which can charge quickly!

The Proace electric camper-van has been designed with features that offer drivers peace of mind while hitting the road. Charging the battery is relatively fast, taking less than an hour to charge up to 80% with a 50 kW DC charger and six hours with a standard 7 kW charger. This provides a significant advantage since it reduces the downtime drivers would have had to face in the past during charging.

Safety Features: A must-have for outdoor enthusiasts

The Toyota Proace, being at the forefront of modern technology, features safety features to ensure a hassle-free camping experience. Toyota’s Safety Sense includes lane departure alerts, adaptive cruise control, and autonomous emergency braking. When camping outdoors, peace of mind is paramount. The Proace electric offers just that.


The Toyota Proace Eco Revolution is a game-changer in camper vans, providing features that make camping more enjoyable and safer. So, how much can one expect to pay for this fine piece of outdoor glamping? Depending on the optional extras, you can expect to pay just north of 83,000 USD. Its eco-friendly approach and technology prove that sustainability and innovation can coexist.

The Revolution’s spacious cargo volume can be your dream mini-camper, making camping even more fun and adventurous. Its safety features and fast charging options seal the deal. This vehicle is a must-have for outdoor enthusiasts and early adopters alike. Get your hands on a Toyota Proace Eco Revolution camper-van and experience the future of camping today!


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