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BMW Introduces the CE02 Electric Cycle

An Electric Cycle to Up Your Urban Game

The electric revolution in the automotive industry is not just limited to cars and SUVs. The two-wheeler market is also witnessing an increase in electric vehicles; the BMW CE 02 is a prime example. The latest addition to BMW's electric lineup is a unique-looking (I was going to say funky), two-wheeled electrified vehicle with a unique name that the company wants you to remember. Dubbed the eParkourer, it's not just your ordinary e-scooter or e-motorbike. In this blog post, we'll closely examine what makes the BMW CE 02 an excellent ride for your urban commute.

Not to be confused with the previously released BMW CE 04, the BMW CE 02 electric cycle is designed for the city environment with its 15bhp motor and 3.92kWh battery. The CE 02 is a smaller cycle than its CE 04 big brother, geared more toward younger consumers. The battery allows a range of over 55 miles with a top speed close to 60mph. If you're not allowed to ride a high-power vehicle due to age or license limitations, a less powerful 4bhp version can do 28mph and a range of 28 miles. It's a perfect electric ride for daily commuters looking to reduce their carbon footprint while enjoying the ease and convenience of zipping through city traffic.

The double-loop frame chassis of the BMW CE 02 is made from tubular steel, while the wide tires provide a stable ride on city roads. The front suspension consists of hydraulically damped telescopic forks, and the rear has a single-sided swingarm with a directly pivoted shock absorber. The wheels are cast alloy on disc brakes combined with ABS on the front. Not to worry, BMW has included well-designed LED headlights to ensure you can see and be seen day and night.

Also included is an electric reverse gear to ensure you get out of a tight parking spot. All these features ensure that the CE 02 is more than just a stylish ride; it's also safe.

What eParkourer would be complete without a few different ride modes? The CE 02 has two modes, starting with SURF, used when you are looking to traverse the urban jungle at a nice, smooth pace. Are you looking for a little more speed? Go with the FLOW mode, and the ride will be quicker from start to finish. If you opt for the CE 02's Highline trim package, it includes one additional mode called FLASH to utilize all of the vehicle's capabilities without holding back.

Put all this together with BMW's latest ConnectedRide smartglasses, and you will have one thrilling ride.

The design of the BMW CE 02 is funky, with a minimalistic yet rugged look. The bike's frame takes inspiration from BMX bikes, while the elongated seat provides ample space for the rider and pillion. The CE 02's design targets the younger audience and commuters who prefer a stylish yet practical ride. It's safe to say that BMW has achieved this with the CE 02.

One of the best things about the BMW CE 02 is that it's completely electric and eco-friendly. With cities worldwide dealing with high levels of air pollution, the CE 02 is the perfect solution for daily commutes. It combines convenience, speed, and style while emitting zero emissions. So, the next time you're stuck in traffic, imagine breezing past on your BMW CE 02, feeling the wind rushing past your face without a care in the world.


The BMW CE 02 is an electrifying ride that combines practicality, style, and convenience for city commuters. The eParkourer, as BMW calls it, is a unique take on two-wheel EVs, and its funky design is sure to grab attention. Its powerful motor, efficient battery, and electric capabilities make it an ideal choice for daily commuting. With the price coming in considerably less than the CE 04, starting at $7,599, it won't be long before we see BMW's newest electric ride hitting the roads worldwide.



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