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BMW's ConnectedRide Smartglasses-Motorcycle or Motorrad Safety Starts Here

These ConnectedRideSmartglasses from BMW are a Welcome Addition to Vehicle Safety

Motorcycle enthusiasts always look for the latest innovations to enhance their riding experience. BMW Motorrad, the renowned motorcycle division of the German automaker, has recently introduced ConnectedRide Smartglasses that have revolutionized the way bikers ride their machines. The Smartglasses position dashboard metrics in the riders’ field of view, making it easier to keep track of essential data without distractions. In this blog post, we will explore the features of BMW’s revolutionary smart glasses and their potential benefits.

Smart glasses have been a tough sell for consumers, and I should know after my first venture into the world of Recon Fitness Glasses. No less than eight years ago, the Recon Jets came onto the scene, and I was an early adopter. Though they had potential, they were large, clunky, and less than ideal for a long bike ride. I have been waiting for something better to come along!

Enter the BMW’s ConnectedDrive Smartglasses, which might be the gadget that changes the game.

To promote motorcycle safety, BMW has made an incredible leap forward in designing intelligent glasses that allow riders to keep their eyes on the road, even while they monitor critical information. The glasses’ display unit is positioned at the edge of the wearer’s field of view, enabling the rider to look ahead without constantly checking their tachometer, speedometer, or GPS. With ConnectedRide Smartglasses, riders can stay connected for up to 10 hours of operation while focusing on the road without compromising the riding experience.

Any motorcycle rider can attest to the importance of situational awareness. When the dashboard display is within the rider’s line of sight, it is easier to make split-second decisions. For example, riders can receive alerts about possible hazards, lane changes, or incoming traffic. Additionally, the ConnectedRide Smartglasses offer improved reliability and accuracy in navigation. Its GPS ensures that bikers always know where they are and where they’re headed.

The ConnectedRide Smartglasses offer critical information displayed right before a user’s eyes. The display shows speedometer readings, fuel meters, and tire pressures. Customizing the information displayed depending on what a rider wants is an option. The possibilities are endless, and bikers can even connect their Smartglasses to their bikes via Bluetooth if they want real-time data like oil pressure and temperature. With ConnectedRide Smartglasses, bikers can be confident about the critical details of their ride.

Motorcycle riders have always had safety concerns, and never-ending improvements have been made to motorbikes to ensure rider safety. The ConnectedRide Smartglasses offer a new dimension to motorcycle riding by allowing riders to monitor critical metrics without taking their eyes off the road. With more advanced features that will be added in the future, these $750 ConnectedRide Smartglasses allow riders to stay safe while they cruise on their machines. Riders who are early adopters of this technology will undoubtedly benefit significantly from this innovative product.


Smart glasses are here to stay, and BMW’s ConnectedRide Smartglasses are proof of that. With this technology, motorcycle enthusiasts can elevate their riding experience as the Smartglasses enable them to stay connected while their eyes are firmly on the road. ConnectedRide Smartglasses is a cutting-edge innovation providing the most crucial data for riders, enhancing their awareness, safety, and overall riding experience. It’s clear that the future of riding is revolutionized, and bikers can now enjoy technology that was only a figment of their imagination in the past. The ConnectedRide Smartglasses are a worthy investment for any passionate rider who wants a safe and enjoyable ride.


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