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Blazing Speed On a Unicycle?

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

Introducing InMotion’s V13 Challenger !

For the last couple of years, I have marveled at unicycles and other similar forms of transportation in their simplicity and popularity. When I see someone whip by me on one of these, in most cases fully suited up in their armor, I become transfixed. Even more impressive is the speed at which these unicycles travel and their agility. Never is this more apparent than with the latest offering by InMotion in their V13 Challenger.

A close-up view of a rider on a e-unicycle.
Unicycle (media by JC)

It is fair to say that InMotion, first established in Shenzhen, China, in 2012, is still a relatively young company. They launched their first electric unicycle in 2013 with the V3, and this mode of transportation has seen several versions ever since. In 2020 they were the first company to introduce suspension (V11) into a unicycle making every rider and their ankles happier beyond belief.

InMotion’s goal is to:

If you are like me, my first thoughts on seeing this “unicycle” form of travel reminded me of the character Gizmoduck from Ducktales!

I wonder if the creators took just a little inspiration from this Disney character. Make note, Gizmoduck is well armored, which would come in handy when traveling at faster speeds. In either case, they are now onto the V13 Challenger model, which takes the unicycle up a few notches with blistering speed. The previous model maxed out at 43.5 mph. What could make this better? How about a whopping 143 kmh or twice the speed of the V12 at 88.9 mph? The Gizmoduck armor looks even more appealing right now.

When the wheel is on the ground and loaded, the Challenger will achieve speeds closer to a manageable 60mph. With great speed also comes the need for improved suspension. INMOTION has implemented two sets of independent air shocks with dampers on each side. They have 90mm of travel and will certainly come in handy when driving this off-road or on uneven surfaces. The Challenger has the option of removing the suspension should you feel so inclined.

The unit can be fully charged within 2.5 hours with the available dual charging ports. Expect to achieve a riding range maxing out at 124 miles, which will vary based on rider weight and travel speeds. Also included are USB, and USB-C ports, as this unit can charge your portable phone with its powerful battery. I must say that with such a powerful battery comes a hefty bit of weight. The Challenger weighs 110lbs, making the included rolling handle more critical. You won’t be carrying this portable wheel as a suitcase!


Battery Capacity: 3,024 watt-hours

Battery Voltage: 126 volts

Lighting: 18-watt front headlight, 1 watt rear light

Motor Power: 4,500 watts / 10,000 watts peak

Rim Size: 17"

Tire Size: 22"

Final Thoughts: To say these have to be ridden responsibly would be an understatement. Adding more speed reduces reaction time, and accidents can and will happen. Invest in a top-notch helmet, plenty of body armor, and gloves, and expect to pay a whopping $4600 for the InMotion V13 Challenger. If you preorder, you can save a little cash and get it for $3999. Estimated delivery times are currently around Christmas, but this is subject to change. You better race off and get your place in line!


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