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Another Luxury Car Manufacturer Starts Making Pedelec Bikes

Updated: May 3, 2023

Introducing Audi’s New Luxury Pedelec e-MTB

As we move towards a more environmentally-friendly future, the world is slowly shifting to electric-powered transportation. With electric cars taking center stage, luxury car makers are now venturing into the world of pedelec bikes, and Audi is not one to be left behind. Audi recently launched a new luxury e-MTB, perfect as a two-wheeled counterpart to the all-electric RS Q e-tron E2 car. Let me start by saying that Audi worked with a highly-renowned motorcycle and bike manufacturer out of Italy called Fantic Motor to bring us this electric bike. This post deeply delves into what makes the Audi e-MTB a must-have enduro bike for cycling enthusiasts.

First off, what exactly is an enduro bike? These enduro bikes are designed for significant descents on steep, rough trails going as fast as possible. These bikes are made to withstand serious abuse without sacrificing the climbing efficiency needed to pedal back uphill.

The Audi e-MTB is designed to tackle any terrain with its wide, knobby tires that ensure a firm grip and efficient handling, no matter the surface. Whether cycling through thick mud or ascending steep hills, the e-MTB is more than up for the task. However, its design is not limited to just its tires; the e-MTB is crafted with a lightweight aluminum frame in three different sizes (S, M, and L), ensuring a comfortable fit for any size and shape.

The e-MTB is powered by a 36 Volt, 250w Brose motor (pictured below) that offers four power assist options (ECO, TOUR, SPORT, and BOOST), making both on-road and off-road cycling a breeze. With power assistance levels suited to various terrains, cycling enthusiasts can enjoy the full benefits of electrically assisted cycling in style.

The e-MTB includes an integrated 36V (720 Wh) battery pack that provides seamless and extended cycling experiences without interruptions.

The Audi e-MTB is not just a stylish and straightforward mode of transportation but also seamlessly connects to the RS Q e-tron E2. Using innovative technology, the car and bike can be controlled from the same app, providing easy access to the e-MTB’s battery status, speed, and assistance settings. Moreover, the e-MTB can be charged off the car’s battery pack, ensuring you never run out of charge on your cycling adventures.

For safety concerns, the e-MTB comes with Braking IN.CA.S disc brakes that offer impressive stopping power, ensuring the safety of anyone who rides it.

Furthermore, the Audi e-MTB has a long-travel suspension system (180mm) that smoothens most rough terrain. It provides a comfortable riding experience and adds years to the e-MTB’s use.


All in all, the Audi e-MTB is a state-of-the-art electric bike that will enhance the way cycling enthusiasts tackle different terrains. With its sleek design and advanced features, the e-MTB is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts who demand the best from their gear. So how much does the best cost? You can expect to pay more than $10,000 for this limited-production ride. If that price tag is too steep, you can always look at offerings from other manufacturers like Hummer.

Ultimately you are paying for the seamless integration with the all-electric RS Q e-tron E2 car, and if you can afford that means of transportation, the e-MTB’s price is an afterthought. After all, Audi’s commitment to providing innovative and sustainable transportation solutions, coupled with its cutting-edge technology, has made the e-MTB a must-have in the automotive and cycling industries.


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