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Bugatti Enters the Electric Scooter Market

Luxury Car Companies Are Producing Scooters, Now?

While luxury car companies are known for producing large, expensive vehicles, they’re now dipping their toes in the pedestrian pool by producing much more affordable scooters. One example is Mclaren’s recently released electric scooter. Now, Bugatti has followed suit by unveiling their own limited edition scooter. Let’s take a closer look at this scooter and why luxury car companies are getting into this scene.

The Bugatti Scooter Bugatti’s latest scooter is a luxurious ride that features a magnesium alloy frame bringing the scooter's weight to a manageable 35 lbs. Ultimately this vehicle can be folded, carried, and stored rather easily.

Befitting of a luxury scooter, this ride is equipped with a powerful 600-watt maximum motor able to take on slopes and terrain with up to a 15-degree slope. Bugatti has included 9" run-flat tires for various terrains should you experience a puncture along the way. You can continue to ride on these until the tire is replaced or patched.

The bright LED display with speedometer, battery life, riding mode and headlights is front and center. And if that wasn’t enough, it even comes with a safety bell to alert other riders or pedestrians of your impending arrival.

The battery in the scooter will provide up to 25 miles of range, which will be greatly diminished should you tool around in the fastest mode all day. This model has three speeds (9 mph Economy, 12.5 City, and 18.5 mph Sport) and cruise control. Once the battery is depleted the scooter can be recharged back to full capacity within four hours.

Bugatti Exemplifies Safety Bugatti’s primary concern with this scooter is with the rider’s safety and never was this more apparent with the attention to lighting around and throughout this scooter. It is fair to say Bugatti wants the rider to be seen, which is the number one concern when out on the open road.

Starting with a headlight and left and right turn signals.

This is carried on through the side deck lighting and the bright taillights, which signal right and left turns and braking.

Make a note of the Bugatti logo projection light emitted onto the road behind the rear tire. Nice touch, Bugatti!

Safety wouldn’t be complete without a strong means of stopping this scooter. Bugatti has included a dual braking system controlled by a front left-hand brake lever and a rear E-ABS electronic brake.

What Does a Luxury Bugatti Scooter Cost If you are buying the Bugatti Scooter from the source, you can expect to shell out $1,200 for the luxury scooter. If you are looking for a discount, the Bugatti scooter is available at Costco for $939.00.

Why Luxury Car Companies Are Embracing Scooters As cities become more congested and pedestrians increasingly take over streets, luxury car companies are looking for ways to make their mark in this new transportation landscape. By introducing stylish yet practical electric scooters like this one from Bugatti, they can not only provide commuters with another means of transportation but also get their name out there in the process. Plus, these companies get to tap into new markets, such as early adopters who want to show off their status symbol on two wheels instead of four!


Luxury car companies are getting into the scooter scene by introducing stylish yet practical models like Bugatti’s limited edition electric scooter. Not only do these models provide commuters with another means of transportation, but they also allow these companies to get their name out there in a market full of early adopters who want something sleek and stylish to ride on two wheels instead of four. Whether you’re looking for a convenient way to get around town or just want something fun and flashy to show off your status symbol, these luxury car companies have got you covered!


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