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A Home in a Box by Boxabl!

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

You read it right, a home in a box!

A Boxabl Home in the folded position being set up on the homesite.
Boxable Home (media by JC)

I am uncertain how I came across this particular company Boxabl, but I was intrigued. Imagine a small home you can buy for a sum, have it delivered, unboxed, and erected within a day. This offering from Boxabl, known as the Caseta (pictured), promises all of this and a little more.

My first thought when seeing what this company had to offer was, “hmmm, another Tiny Home Company.” Then my imagination began to wander, and I started to see other possibilities, such as an in-law suite. How about an actual Home/Office on the same site as the factory you work at? Maybe this is a little too much of bringing work and home together!

What features can you pack into a house about 400 square feet? Starting with a zero-carbon footprint and a ceiling height of 9 1/2 feet, the list goes on.

They advertise a full-Size Kitchen, a fully equipped bathroom (a Deep shower/tub is included) and an ample living area which consists of a separate bedroom (Queen bed) and a living room.

  1. Expect a washer/dryer

  2. Heating & Air Conditioning

  3. Small Electric Fireplace

  4. Well insulated

  5. Composite flooring throughout

  6. LED lighting throughout

  7. 8' Doors and Windows

The beginning of the unfolding of the home with outside wall being erected.
Unfolding Home (media by JC)

Almost fully erected Boxabl Home.
Almost complete (media by JC)

Expect to see a starting price of $49,500 (subject to change). Everything is built within a factory, so you can imagine the size of the factory needed to build homes like this in mass quantity. The house is ordered, it is loaded on a trailer and transported to the site. Don’t forget to set up the site foundation and have water, gas and electric hook-up ready to go.

A video of the set-up Boxabl home process.
Set-Up (media by JC)

A look inside the 400sq ft Boxabl Caseta home.
Look Inside (media by JC)

Tiny homes are all the rage right now, so a company like Boxabl fits that current demand. For those consumers looking for something larger, Boxabl is promoting buying additional packages and adding to your Boxabl home. I expect a backlog of customers on their current waiting list, so if you are in quick need you most certainly are out of luck! I for one, will stick with my current home but it doesn’t hurt to imagine the possibilities!


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