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My Subscription to Technology Continues....

Package number two looks more promising!

Three technological items lined up after unboxing from The Gadget Discovery Club.
The Gadget Discovery Club (media by JC)

I wrote about a subscription service called Gadget Discovery Club a while back. They send you a package of the latest up-and-coming technology, and you pay them an annual fee. Given my love for technology and anything that might make my life more “exciting,” I was quick to sign up. I wrote about my first package here:

I would be lying if I said I utilized these first items daily. I have yet to open either key devices, and the Clean Tray is used only in passing. Now that I am thinking about it, I will throw my phone in it right now….

Now on to the following package which arrived yesterday. There are three additional “techie” items, and I will start with package number one.

Rise Shield (Carbon Fiber Wallet)

A Rise carbon fiber wallet in comparison to my old wallet.
The Rise Carbon Fiber Wallet (media by JC)

There is no doubt the rise wallet is smaller than my already beaten down wallet. To be honest, I was ready for a replacement, and now is as good of a time as any to downsize. I had several unnecessary cards and expired IDs that needed to be purged. This Rise Wallet promises the following:

Lighter, Stronger, Slimmer, and Stylish

Holds up to 10 bank, membership & ID cards

Advanced RFID-Blocking Technology. This will also prevent card skimming.

A slim and filled Rise wallet held in my hand.
Rise Wallet Loaded (media by JC)

I agree on this wallet's slim, stylish, and strong aspect. I was able to pare down my card selection to the advertised ten. The jury is out on the RFID blocking technology but I can attest to this being of some concern. I was in a restaurant the other day ready to pay by touch with one of my cards in one hand, with another card being charged in my wallet. I am hoping this wallet prevents this in the future.

A view of the backside with available money clip and no money.
The Money Clip (media by JC)

The next item is the miniBOOM, also by Rise. This little speaker is exactly that, little!

A picture of the miniBOOM by Rise lined up against the Rise Wallet.
miniBoom by Rise (medium by JC)

I come into the listening experience with absolutely no expectations except to hear sound. As someone who owns many portable speakers much larger, there is no way this little speaker will impress me. Initial observations are:

  1. Very easy to pair through Bluetooth connectivity

  2. Seems pretty durable with a hard outer shell

  3. Easy to charge with included micro-USB cable

  4. Very little bass, very boxy sound

Again, I didn’t have high hopes for this speaker but if you are in a pinch and need a slight boost to your cell phone this will be adequate.

The last item is a wireless charger by nativeHQ.

A picture of all three items with the nativeHQ Wireless Charger in the foreground.
Wireless Charger by nativeHQ (media by JC)

I use the MagSafe chargers for my iPhone, but we still have devices throughout the house which can use this. My initial thoughts:

  1. It has an excellent surface area, so it would seem you do not have to be exact in your placement of the energy-deficient device.

  2. It has a nice textured, rubber-like surface preventing sliding off.

  3. Slim design with a nice visual light on the front to alert when actively charging.

  4. This was made for all compatible Qi-enabled devices. If you are going to utilize the fast charge mode of the Samsung (10w) or the iPhone (7.5w), you will need a quick charge wall adaptor.

All in all, I was happy with this second box offering. The wallet is most likely to get the most use of the three items. I will have to get used to this type of wallet. I wonder what the next box will bring.

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