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A Device by Blu Oasis Solves Water and Power Shortages!

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

BLUOASIS: A Solar/Water Generator All-In-One Solution

One of humanity's most significant daily issues is reduced access to water and reliable power. How often do we awake to news of some catastrophic shortage which is even affecting the western United States? Companies like Blu Oasis Corporation are developing innovative ways to solve these shortages using multi-use technological devices to generate and store water and power.

Jason Andrews founded Blu Oasis Corporation in 2019 in Seattle, Washington. Jason, a serial technology and aerospace entrepreneur, had first-hand experience working with communities in Southeast Asia who desperately need better access to renewable electricity and clean drinking water. It was his goal to bring an all-in-one device to those in need.

BluOasis isn’t the only Atmospheric Water Generator on the market. In a previous article, I wrote about WaterGen’s ability to generate water from the air:

The BLUOASIS 1506, the flagship unit, is roughly the size of an average refrigerator and is considered a fixed rather than a mobile one. Starting with the Atmospheric Water Generator, the 1506 can produce up to 10 gallons (44 liters) daily. ​Put quite simply; this unit uses refrigeration to capture the humidity in the air. It then condenses the moisture from the air into water. It treats it with ultraviolet (UV) light before allowing it to drain from the unit via gravity into a proper storage container.

Couple this with a 15kW-hr LiFePO4 (lithium iron phosphate) battery and 6kW output; it is ideal for several uses. Are you looking to go off-grid? This would be a unit to serve that purpose. Perhaps a mobile work site or an area with no reliable power or clean water. The 1506 unit would check all of these boxes!

BLUOASIS prides itself on providing solutions with plug-and-play simplicity. The goal is to have the unit in place and hooked up within one hour of unpacking. One of the hardest decisions would be where to place this unit. Fortunately, it is equipped with wheels as the unit weighs a healthy 785 lbs. It’s not quite 5 feet at around 58" with a width of 40" and depth of 26".

The BLUOASIS is a low-maintenance machine with one particular task changing the water filter. The unit comes with two water filters and should be changed based on where the unit is located. The dirtier the location, the more often the filter should be changed. On average, expect to change the filter once a year. The power system itself will require no maintenance.

No smart device like this would be complete without the ability to control this from a computer or smart device anywhere in the world. All BLUEOASIS devices are IoT (internet of things) cloud-connected and can be accessed and monitored by your mobile device.

What can one expect to pay for a unit like this? Before taxes and delivery, the price starts at $24,500. This does not include the solar panels, as this system would require 4.5kW for input. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that a generator can also power up the BLUOASIS. Expect to pay around $12,000 for the solar panels before the federal tax credit. These can be hooked directly into the front of the unit (Pictured Below)

The panel has solar or generator inputs and 240V and 120V outputs. Simplicity was pivotal in the overall design of the BLUOASIS 1506. Don’t worry if this size is a bit underpowered for your needs. Blu Oasis has units that top out at 45kW-hour as customized units for even larger jobs!

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