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WaveFlyer Volaré: An Electric Vessel or eFoil Built For Two

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Reaching New Heights With an eFoil Called WaveFlyer

Waterways will soon be taken over by something extraordinary — the WaveFlyer Volaré eFoil. The Volaré is the latest two-person eFoil watercraft that hovers over the water for a smooth, quiet ride. It provides unprecedented freedom and control on the water and is perfect for those who want to experience something unique. Let’s examine what makes this groundbreaking electric watercraft so special.

The Design of the WaveFlyer Volaré: The design of the WaveFlyer Volaré efoil is one of its most impressive features. Designed and manufactured by Electro Nautic in Perth, Australia, it’s smaller than most jet skis but still has plenty of power.

The body is designed to minimize drag, which allows it to travel across the water quickly and efficiently. Plus, its dual electric motors give you precise control when navigating tight spaces or unpredictable conditions.

The WaveFlyer offers three ride settings starting with Cruise, Performance, and Shallow Water mode. Each mode is tailored for optimum performance and stability in any boating situation. And because it’s electric, you don’t have to worry about dealing with annoying fumes or loud noises — glide silently across the waves in comfort and style, creating as little wake as possible!

A fully extended eFoiling mechanism during a WaveFlyer excursion.
Full View (media by Electro Nautic)

The Performance of the WaveFlyer Volaré: What sets the WaveFlyer apart from other watercraft is its performance. Its ability to hover over the water gives it incredible range — up to 100km kilometers (62 miles) on a single charge! That means you can explore parts of your favorite lake or river that are typically inaccessible with traditional boats or jet skis. The vessel is also equipped with quick charge capabilities bringing the boat back to full power in as little as one hour (depending on the battery option). It also has an impressive top speed of 40 km/h (25mph), allowing you to get where you need to go even faster.

Safety Features: Safety is always a priority when out on open waters, and with the WaveFlyer Volaré, you can rest assured that your time on board will be secure and comfortable. Its high-tech navigation system ensures that you will always remain within safe boundaries no matter where your adventures take you, as determined by its onboard GPS tracking system.

A Remote feature allows the user to pilot the boat from afar should it become separated from the rider. Should the vessel be involved in a theft, the owner could deactivate it, leaving it dead in the water for officials to recover. In addition, every vessel comes equipped with a comprehensive safety kit, including life jackets and other essential items for peace of mind while out in open waters.

Conclusion: With the WaveFlyer’s sleek design, impressive range, top-speed capabilities, and advanced safety features — this electric watercraft has much to offer for everyone who loves being out on open waters. What can one expect to spend for a craft with this much to offer? Reservations for the WaveFlyer are being taken now, with the vessel starting at $49,990. The pricing increases based on the battery option the buyer decides upon. Check out why so many people are giving new meaning to “the love boat.”


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