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Introducing The Boulder Teardrop Camper and Battery Backup System!

Updated: May 2, 2023

Colorado Teardrops Latest Offering is Multi-Purpose

Are you an outdoor enthusiast looking to take your electric vehicle on a camping trip? Look no further because American camper trailer company Colorado Teardrops has unveiled its first purpose-built model for electric vehicles. This little beauty immediately intrigued me because I have always wanted something small yet functional. Given the electric revolution we are currently experiencing, this camper couldn’t have come at a better time.

So what do they mean by calling this a purpose-built model? Called The Boulder, this camper can recharge your EVs batteries when camping and accept DC fast charging. This is the perfect off-grid solution for anyone who loves to camp and wants to go green! Let’s explore the features of this innovative new teardrop camper.

The Specs The 12-foot teardrop camper has a 75 kilowatt-hours battery pack embedded into its powder-coated steel frame that can top-up the car’s main battery pack when parked. Dry weight is rated at 1,000 kilograms (2,200 pounds), which is less than I was expecting — for comparison, the conventional, battery-less Mount Massive trailer from Colorado Teardrops weighs 670 kg (1,470 lbs). That extra weight comes from the 20 kWh lithium iron phosphate batteries installed underneath the trailer body.

The possible usage is multi-faceted for this entire system. The biggest drawback to electric vehicles is range anxiety, which only worsens when towing a trailer or camper. The Boulder was designed to bring the EV back to pre-towing, or better, range. As the EV market evolves, I envision electric vehicles using battery systems like these on the move. Currently, they can only accept a charge when parked. How great will it be to see the battery level remain constant for an extended period while driving?

Taking Boulder’s capability further, the 75kWh battery can power a typical home for three days. Never experience a home or electric vehicle power outage again with this backup battery giving you added peace of mind.

Convenience and Comfort While the battery system is the main draw of the Boulder, let’s not forget it is also a camper. There’s a large storage area for gear and supplies in the rear for convenience.

There are plenty of windows to enjoy natural light during the day or star gazing at night with the gull-wing cabin doors open or closed. Additionally, there are low-voltage LED lighting and exterior reading lights, so you won’t be fumbling around in the dark if you need something in the middle of the night. The Boulder has an insulated sleeping compartment with plenty of room for four people (one queen and two bunk beds), so you don’t have to worry about setting up a tent or sleeping bags.

The entire teardrop only takes 10 minutes to set up!

It can be used for general seating and dining when not used as a sleeper.

The interior is comprised of hickory wood to give it a warm feel!

Regarding comfort features, The Boulder is customizable with many available options, including air conditioning and heating capabilities. To improve your glamping experience, the company offers patio umbrella mounts; awnings; side counters; an espresso machine; and an array of stylish colors. Taking this a step further, you can opt for an induction stove, refrigerator, hot water shower, 12-Gallon Water Tank (BPA Free), roof rack, and solar panels for added power.

Conclusion: Overall, The Boulder from Colorado Teardrops is a fantastic way to combine off-grid living with modern convenience and comfort in one package! You can pre-order this innovation today with a starting price of $67,000. Expect that number to climb if you take advantage of some of those previously mentioned options. The company is promising delivery of the first units in the first half of 2023.

If you love camping but want to stay eco-friendly, this is what you are looking for; it provides all the comforts necessary while still conserving energy responsibly. Whether you are taking weekend trips or long cross-country journeys, this camper will ensure that your electric vehicle stays charged so that you can take advantage of all adventure opportunities!


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