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This "Living Sphere" or ActiveSphere Electric Vehicle from Audi is an Intriguing Concept

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

Introducing The Concept ActiveSphere Crossover Coupe Electric Vehicle From Audi

If you’re looking for a truly unique car, then the Audi ActiveSphere concept electric coupe may just be your vehicle. What intrigued me when researching this vehicle was something out of the ordinary. This concept combines the luxury of a sedan with the versatility of a pickup truck, making it an ideal choice for commuters, workers, and drivers looking for something different. Let’s take a closer look at this one-of-a-kind vehicle.

The Design and Features of the ActiveSphere The design of the concept Audi ActiveSphere electric vehicle is truly unique. It looks like a four-door sedan from the front, but it has a generous amount of ground clearance along with large 22-inch wheels to make it more capable off-road. In addition, its rear section can be lowered to turn it into a pickup truck that can carry up to two people in the back cab or bulky cargo items in its spacious bed.

The ActiveSphere is powered by an electric drivetrain that produces impressive torque for excellent acceleration and a range of 600km (373 miles). It also has several advanced driver assistance systems that make driving even easier and more enjoyable. These include autonomous driving, adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping support, blind spot monitoring, and parking assist systems.

In true concept fashion, autonomous driving promises just that. Audi envisions this vehicle’s owner being able to beckon the vehicle to a location of choice. The Activesphere will arrive at that location ready to transport the owner to their destination of choice. This is the closest thing to having your own KITT from the Knight Rider show.

The interior of the ActiveSphere features luxurious materials, including leather upholstery and high-quality wood trim. The seats are comfortable, with plenty of space in both rows.

At the same time, the center console houses several displays that provide access to all of your entertainment options and navigation information. The provided headsets open up a world of mixed reality by displaying digital content to the driver and passenger's field of vision in real-time.

Finally, an array of safety features is designed to keep you safe on the road, including airbags and anti-lock brakes.

Conclusion: For those looking for something unique, the Audi ActiveSphere might just be what you need. Combining luxury with versatility and capability, this innovative concept car would turn heads wherever you go! With its electric powertrain and advanced driver assistance systems, you can rest assured knowing that you will always have a safe ride no matter where your destination may be. So if you want to stand out from everyone else on the road — check out what Audi has in store with their newest concept vehicle!

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