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Introducing a New Concept Electric Hatchback

The Alpine A290_β Has the Potential to Thrill

Electric vehicles are the future of driving, and we can't deny that they're fast and efficient. But when it comes to electric hatchbacks, manufacturers have struggled to convince auto enthusiasts that they can be fun and thrilling to drive. That's where Alpine comes in. The French carmaker, owned by Renault, has recently unveiled its new three-seater concept, the A290_β. This "Hot Hatch" puts the driver in the middle of a race car-inspired EV. This concept car has generated excitement and buzz from electric vehicle enthusiasts, car lovers, and innovators worldwide. In this post, we'll delve into Alpine's new and exciting concept and what it means for the future of electric hatchbacks.

Right off the bat, the A290_β has a three-seat layout, which is quite uncommon in hatchbacks.

This unique feature is reminiscent of the legendary McLaren F1 supercar from the 1990s, which also had a central driving position. In the case of the A290_β, however, it's unlikely that this feature would make it to production. Nevertheless, the exterior of this concept car looks like it could be a design for future production models.

Alpine has powered the A290_β with a pair of electric motors, and instead of both axels powering an all-wheel-drive, each motor powers a front wheel. This configuration is not typical in electric hatchbacks and provides a unique driving experience that enhances the car's handling and agility. Finishing off the F1 touches is the use of an F1- inspired steering wheel.

The electric motors deliver impressive power and torque, and the A290_β can reach 0–60 mph in approximately four seconds. This electrifying performance will surely excite electric vehicle enthusiasts and car lovers alike.

The A290_β is not just about power and speed; it has a sleek and futuristic design. The car's aerodynamic bodywork is made from lightweight carbon fiber, making it agile and boosting its range. The doors open upwards like a butterfly, giving the A290_β a futuristic and relaxed look. The car's interior is modern and minimalistic, with a digital interface where the central screen displays essential vehicle information. The driver's seat is positioned centrally, like a race car's, providing excellent visibility and control. Especially eye-catching is Alpine's use of x-lighting on the front end.

The A290_β is not just a concept electric vehicle; it's an exciting and innovative vision of the future of electric hatchbacks. This concept proves electric cars can be fun, thrilling, and stylish. The A290_β perfectly blends power, speed, and efficiency, further establishing electric car manufacturer Alpine's reputation for creating an electric vehicle that sets the bar high for all electric hatchbacks.


The Alpine A290_β is a great concept car that presents an exciting vision of the future of electric hatchbacks. This concept proves electric vehicles can be more than just environmentally friendly and efficient; they can be thrilling and fun to drive. While it's unlikely that this unique three-seater layout design will make it to production, the design and technology used in the A290_β provide a glimpse of what to expect from future electric hatchbacks. We can only hope that Alpine continues to push the boundaries of electric vehicle design and that other car manufacturers take note and produce similarly exciting electric hatchbacks.


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