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This Innovative Electric Hovercraft Looks Like a Luxury Sports Car

Von Mercier Introduces Their Arosa EV Sports Hovercraft

As we become more environmentally conscious, the need for sustainable modes of transportation increases. Von Mercier, a luxury car and vehicle brand based in Maryland, understands this demand and has introduced their latest innovation — the Arosa Hovercraft. The Arosa Hovercraft is an entirely electric vehicle that can be powered up using any standard EV charger. With its quiet, green, and efficient design, the Arosa is the perfect companion for all your land and water explorations. In this post, we dive deep into the features of the Von Mercier Arosa Hovercraft, so keep reading to discover more.

Maximum Efficiency and Reduced Maintenance

The Arosa Hovercraft is designed to be efficient and reduce the maintenance needs of traditional hovercraft. The hull and body of this beauty are comprised of carbon fiber keeping the overall weight relatively light. The electric powertrain ensures that the hovercraft will be quiet and environmentally friendly. The Arosa’s 400V lithium-ion battery pack gives the three motors (240hp) the required energy for quick acceleration and maneuvering. This ride is competent, with a cruising speed of 20mph and a top speed of 50mph. These features reduce the need for pricey fuel and constant maintenance, making the Arosa an affordable and hassle-free option.

Comfortable and Spacious Design

The Von Mercier Arosa Hovercraft guarantees a comfortable and spacious ride, no matter where you’re headed. With its innovative design mimicking a luxury sportscar, this hovercraft is perfect for travelers who want to experience off-road, land, and water exploration. Its spacious interior can accommodate two passengers, while the comfortable seating ensures that both riders have an enjoyable ride. Additionally, the noise-reducing technology ensures that the ride remains comfortable throughout.

An Eco-Friendly Option

The Von Mercier Arosa Hovercraft boasts a much greener powertrain than traditional hovercrafts. This all-electric vehicle means zero emissions, making it a perfect sustainable land and water transportation option. With this Hovercraft, the carbon footprint is significantly reduced, guaranteeing a cleaner planet and quieter rides.


The Arosa Hovercraft is designed to be user-friendly, with a straightforward interface and a simple-to-use dashboard. This hovercraft has complete forward, backward, and side-to-side control, ensuring simple maneuvering on land or water. With the Arosa, anyone can become an adventurer, no matter their experience or expertise.


The Von Mercier Arosa Hovercraft is the future of sustainable transportation, reducing noise and emissions while offering a thrilling experience. Unfortunately, with all the Arosa has to offer, it comes at a hefty price to the tune of $200,000. Not a price all consumers can stomach, but there has been no lack of orders as, at the time of this writing, only 18 slots are available to receive it this year. One can expect to take delivery four months after the order is placed.

With its electric powertrain and noise-reducing technology, the Arosa Hovercraft guarantees a comfortable, green, and efficient ride. Its spacious design and user-friendliness make it the perfect companion for those looking to experience off-road and water exploration. The Von Mercier Arosa Hovercraft is an innovative solution to travel and transportation problems. It is time to embrace the future and reserve the Arosa Hovercraft for yourself in 2023.


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