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The Exo-Line is an Immersive Means of Transportation

A Truly Wearable Concept Vehicle

Have you ever wanted to experience the thrill of a rollercoaster without leaving your home? Munich-based designer Andrea Mocellin has created a solution that may be just what you’ve been looking for. His latest product, the Exo-Line, is an exoskeleton-inspired, battery-powered wearable vehicle designed to give you a “physically engaging riding experience.” Keep reading to learn more about this innovative way of getting around town!

How It Works The Exo-Line is a motorized frame with three wheels and two handlebars and can be worn by the user as they ride it. Its in-hub motor is powered by a lithium-ion battery that allows for continuous use. The vehicle is best used in urban areas or flat surfaces since its top speed will most likely be limited. To ride it, users must lower themselves onto the frame chest first and then grip the handlebars with their hands. This position allows them to control the vehicle's direction and speed while providing an immersive physical experience.

Safety Features The Exo-Line was designed with convenience in mind, but this concept is limited in safety features. In all the renders and photos, the rider wears protective clothing, gloves, and a helmet. Even then, I can’t say this is enough. I can imagine future iterations of this machine, including several protective measures that ensure riders enjoy their ride without any risk of injury. For instance, a possible array of sensors at both ends of the vehicle detects when it reaches its maximum speed and automatically triggers a brake system that slows it down to safer speeds. I would also recommend lights so riders can be seen in low light conditions as well as adjustable straps so they can adequately secure themselves while riding it. Finally, suspension for a smooth ride no matter where you’re going!

Benefits One of the primary advantages of using an Exo-Line is its portability; since it’s lightweight (no word on weight yet) and folds up easily, users can easily transport it wherever they go without having to worry about bringing a bulky device along with them. Additionally, because users can control its speed and direction while riding, they will get an immersive physical experience unlike any other transportation available today! Finally, because it’s electric-powered, users don’t have to worry about refueling or emitting harmful emissions into the environment — making this device fun and eco-friendly!

Conclusion: The Exo-Line is an innovative personal mobility device from designer Andrea Mocellin that offers users an exciting new way to get around town. Unlike traditional forms of transportation such as cars or buses, this device gives riders an immersive physical experience thanks to its adjustable straps and speeds controlled by their body movements. Whether you’re looking for something new or want an eco-friendly way to get around town quickly and safely, this device could be exactly what you need!

I certainly see this means of travel as more of a thrill-seeking form of transportation. How long before we see something like this on ESPN’s X Games? With its portability and variety of features included in the design, could this be your perfect solution for commuting or recreational activities?


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