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This Hybrid Air and Water Drone is the Next Step For Drones

The Amazing FlingFish Drone — Experience Air and Water by Remote

For anyone who has ever wanted to capture stunning footage from the sky and below the water’s surface, there is now a revolutionary new drone capable of doing just that. Called the TJ-FlingFish, scientists and researchers from China’s Shanghai Research Institute for Intelligent Autonomous Systems, Tongji University, and the Unmanned Systems Research Group developed this hybrid above and below-water drone at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

How Does It Work? The FlingFish combines an aerial drone with an aquatic drone equipped with four propellers to convey it through the water. The aerial drone can take off and land on water or solid ground, allowing for a seamless transition between air and water. Currently, the prototype can hover in the air for 6 minutes, transition to water, and cruise for 40 minutes. Certainly, we will begin to see these numbers improve with alternate battery configurations and slight improvements.

The FlingFish also features a unique dual-mode hover system that maintains a stable position in the air or underwater. Additionally, its four propellers enable the aquatic drone to move quickly through the water while remaining agile enough to maneuver around obstacles.

The TJ-FlingFish also boasts impressive features designed to optimize its performance in both environments. These include an integrated positioning system with GPS to pinpoint exact coordinates and a highly specialized camera system capable of capturing 4K footage from air and water.

Applications The potential applications of this amazing hybrid drone are virtually limitless, given its ability to move seamlessly between air and water. Some possible applications include surveying land or mapping coastlines; monitoring wildlife; searching for lost objects; exploring oceans or lakes; inspecting ships; assessing damage following natural disasters; or capturing stunning aerial video footage of spectacular ocean views — to name a few!

Conclusion: The TJ-FlingFish is a revolutionary new hybrid above and below-water drone that offers endless possibilities for exploration, surveillance, investigation, film production, recreation, and much more! With its cutting-edge design, powerful capabilities, and impressive features, it will surely be welcomed by early adopters and tech enthusiasts everywhere! Unfortunately, this technology is still in its infancy, but the groundwork has been laid and it is just a matter of time before we see these commercially. Stay tuned!

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