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These Solar Powered Hydropanels Will Bring Water to the Masses

Source Global, PBC’s Hydropanels are Now Available in the US

Source Global, PBC, the company behind the SOURCE hydropanel, has announced that its solar-powered water production arrays are now available in the United States. The SOURCE hydropanel is a rooftop solar device that produces water using solar electricity. According to Source, the hydropanel “works in almost every climate, and almost every day of the year.”

The company says that each SOURCE hydropanel can produce up to five liters (1.3 gallons) of daily drinking water. The hydropanels are designed to be used in conjunction with one another to create a “hydroarray.” A hydroarray can be scaled to any size, and the company says that “the larger the system, the more water it produces.” This becomes extremely useful when incorporated into hotels, hospitals, schools, and other larger institutions and businesses. The fact that this system can be scaled to meet any water needs makes it all the more valuable.

This technology is not to be confused with the atmospheric water generators that exist in the marketplace, as written about here:

How It Works The SOURCE hydropanel uses solar power to run the panels entirely off the grid.

Here’s how it works: sunlight hits the hydropanel powering the internal fans, drawing in the ambient air. From here, the air is pulled or pushed through a hygroscopic material. This “water-loving” material can absorb the moisture (water vapor) from the air and then condense on the surface of a cold plate inside the hydropanel. The condensed water drips into a reservoir, where it is stored until needed.

Taking the process a step further, the collected water is stored in a 30-liter reservoir which can then be plumbed into your sink or even your refrigerator. Rest assured, the water is pure as it is filtered, sterilized, and then mineralized before it makes its way to the drinker.

What is the cost? An average-sized home would require a standard SOURCE array (pictured above) consisting of 2 Hydropanels. Including the cost of shipping, installation, and taxes, the typical homeowner would pay between $5,500 and $6,500. The company may recommend additional hydropanels to meet the household’s water requirements in areas with less than usual sunlight.

Conclusion: The SOURCE hydropanel is an innovative new product that could change how we think about renewable energy use. Instead of producing electricity, the hydropanel produces clean drinking water. This technology could be particularly valuable in areas with limited access to clean water.

It’s also worth noting that the hydropanel doesn’t require direct sunlight; it can still produce water on cloudy days or in the shade. However, Source says that “the amount of water produced will be less than possible with full sun. If you’re interested in adopting this potentially game-changing technology early, you can purchase a SOURCE hydropanel array from Source Global, PBC website today.

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