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The XBUS: Introducing an Electric Vehicle to Meet Most Needs!

Updated: Mar 25, 2023

The Revolutionary eBussy Becomes the XBUS

Have you ever wished your car had features catering to your needs? Or have you ever wanted to customize your ride to fit the activity of the day? That’s one of the driving ideas behind the XB BUS (formerly eBussy), an electric microbus concept from a German company called Electric Brands. Let’s examine why this revolutionary vehicle turns heads and changes people's thoughts about transportation.

The Chassis & Design looks like something out of a classic film — and that’s intentional. The designers drew inspiration from mid-20th-century vehicles but with modernized touches. It comes in six colors and two versions — the Standard and Off-Road models — designed for different drivers.

What Makes it Unique Where the XBUS makes strides is it can be customized with many different parts and accessories that let you tailor it to fit your lifestyle or plans for the day. An astounding nine modules are available for your custom needs, including the base, bus, tipper, box, transporter, pickup bus, pickup, cabrio, and finally, camper. For instance, you can swap out body parts depending on whether you need extra space for passengers or cargo. Here are a few to whet your appetite:

Performance Specifications & Battery Life The XBUS sports a retro-cute exterior evoking the swinging ’60s and boasts impressive performance specs and a battery that promises up to 124 miles (200km) on a charge (you can get larger batteries for a range of 600km (373miles). The total capable battery power is 45 kWh, of which 15 kWh are permanently installed. Optionally expandable with exchangeable batteries by another 30 kWh. That's right, interchangeable batteries. Electric Brands is incorporating not only permanent batteries but also hot-swappable battery capability. Imagine running low on a battery charge and swapping out batteries for fully charged ones to save time.

Roof-mounted solar panels help recharge while you’re driving too, plus regenerative braking helps extend its range even further.

The interior is spacious enough to comfortably seat two passengers in the base module and their luggage. Upgrade or change out the modules, and you can add space to seat up to 6 total passengers (Cabrio, Bus). And its zero-emission electric motor means no emissions as well as no noise pollution, which makes it perfect for camping trips in nature preserves or quiet residential areas where noise levels must be kept low.

Conclusion: Overall, it would seem that the innovative design team behind this revolutionary vehicle indeed had all kinds of drivers in mind when they created their concept — from families with children who require plenty of room for luggage to adventurers who need versatile storage solutions for their outdoor gear and activities alike.

Not only is the XBUS aesthetically pleasing, but it packs powerful performance specs under its hood as well, allowing drivers to take on any terrain they may encounter during their journey with ease! Couple this with a reasonable starting price of $19,000, and you have one appealing vehicle. So if you’re looking for an eye-catching ride that’s fun and functional, look no further than Electric Brand’s excellent new electric microbus concept — the revolutionary XBUS!


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